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Oct 16, 2010 06:01 PM

Sonic Limeades

I'm seriously addicted to Sonic's strawberry limeade but I've not tried their food -- is it good?

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  1. It's good for fast food. Their burgers are a step above McDonald's in my opinion. Love their tater tots too. But the drinks and desserts are the best part about the place. If you love the strawberry limeade and feel like an ice cream fix, try their Strawberry or Cherry Limeade Chiller - they blend ice cream with it - yummy! I'm jonesin for one right now! :o)

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    1. The onion rings are really good.

      If I get the hamburger, I ask for it on Texas Toast instead of the bun.

      When I have a craving, I get a hot dog with chili/onions/mustard. It isn't bad.

      I usually get the breakfast sandwich on Texas Toast-bacon/egg/cheese and ask for lettuce and tomato..a fancier BLT.

      Real ice cream-for beverages, shakes and sundaes.The coffee is good.
      The grilled chicken salad is good.