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Oct 16, 2010 05:34 PM

Penang, Malaysia - Sar Hor Fun & Yee Fu Mee at New World Park

New World Park food centre in Swatow Lane, off Burmah Road, Penang, offers a huge selection of Penang hawker food, all in one place. But my fave there are the Cantonese noodle stall which offers Sar Hor Fun (stir-fried hor fun & bee-hoon rice noodles with char-siu, shrimps & egg) and Yee Fu Mee (another stir-fried option using an aromatic, toasted form of noodles which was absolutely delicious!).

There was also a Penang-style curry noodles stall near this one which serves its noodles with cockles, cubes of pig's blood, tofu puffs & cuttlefish.

Didn't try the other food options there, but the Penang rojak & ice-kachang looked popular, so's yam cake & otak-otak.

New World Park Food Centre
29 & 31, Lorong Swatow
10050 Georgetown
Pulau Pinang

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  1. Yes, this one's as good as it gets in Penang.

    I'm disappointed that the standard at Foo Heong in Cintra Street, which used to be one of the best-known for their sar hor fun & yee fu mee, had dropped. Back in the 1960s, it's the place to go. I'd go back for the nostalgia and the memories. Besides, the same family still owns the place.

    Another good place for sar hor fun is stall at the coffeeshop at the junction of MacAlister Road and New Lane which only opens in the late-afternoon and evening.

    There used to be an old man who was one of the finest purveyors of sar hor fun: he operated from a small road-side stall on Datuk Keramat Road/Ayer Itam Road. But he's gone now.

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    1. re: penang_rojak

      What about Penang curry mee - any recs? I tried the much-talked-about one in Lorong Seratus Tahun, off MacAlister Road (the one which proudly said they don't use coconut milk) but it was truly disappointing!

      1. re: klyeoh

        That one's awful! I don't have any specific favourite spots for Curry Mee, I used to go to a stall opposite Kean Lai Seng coffee shop which has been there since before the Japanese army marched into Penang in World War II. Ah Chye, the curry mee maestro, does not use lemongrass or cuttlefish in his curry mee, but he uses pig's blood, tau pok and prawns.
        Some curry mee recommendations at the Penang Hawker Food blog:

      2. re: penang_rojak

        In Penang not many Sar Hor Fun stalls can create the distinct taste/flavour that the old cantonese cooks did ~ the slight burn taste with a hint of bitterness in the back. Two stalls come close to it; first shop is the junction of Cintra Street and Lorong Kampung Malabar. This shop is best known for the haruan fish head soup bee hoon. His cantonese style Sar Hor Fun is excellent too and when it is not busy ask for dry fried style with the standard meat ingredents or just fried haruan meat. However was disappointed the last visit there, no thick bee hoon for soup that day.

        The other stall is at the hawker centre at Sungai Tiram, opposite the Seafood noodle/toasted bread shop on the way to Bayan Lepas Airport and next to the Shell petrol station. My regular place as I spent much time at the electronics factories nearby. Both sell in the evening only.

        1. re: OneBigMouth

          I've got to try these places the next time I'm in Penang. BTW, that Sungei Tiram place with its toasted bread in the morning and seafood porridge in the evenings - I heard the original guy has moved across the road to a location near the Shell station, and someone else has taken over his original location. Is that true?

          1. re: klyeoh

            I don't think so, was there just before the CNY. I will check. The hawker centre next to the Shell station already has two stalls selling seafood porridge. While the cooking styles of three stalls are slightly different, the quality of these two are quite good too. Btw, if you fly into Penang in the morning and can't wait to have Hokkein Mee (prawn mee), this place has a very reasonable offering; good prawn flavour and has roasted pork as side order.

            1. re: OneBigMouth

              Thanks for the tip!
              Personally, I don't have a strong liking for Penang Hokkien mee, but 2 of my uncles here in Singapore do. During our visit to Penang last month, we went all the way to Pulau Tikus for the famous Hokkien mee in a coffeeshop on Moulmein Close (opposite Pulau Tikus police station). My uncles both said that version was the BEST Penang-style Hokkien mee they'd ever had :-D
              I personally preferred Singapore's style prawn mee - the best in Singapore are perhaps the Lau Hokkien and Old Street stalls, both in Hong Lim Food Centre. Singapore's prawn noodles (which also come with choices of pork-ribs, and pig's tails) are less sweet and less intense in the "prawn flavors" compared to Penang's. To each his own, I guess.

              Cheers, OneBigMouth, and please do share more tips on dining out in Penang - my fave street dining destination in the whole world, ahead of Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Ipoh and Taipei.

              1. re: OneBigMouth

                You guys talking about Joo Leong at Sungai Tiram? Planta toast & Hailam kopi in the mornings are insanely popular. Somehow, everytime I want to have seafood porridge dinner there, they happen to be closed - only got chance to try once. Nice.

                1. re: penang_rojak

                  Yes, I was talking about Joo Leong :-D

                  Anyway, here's a recent thread on Joo Leong's goodies:

        2. Caught up with fellow CH penang_rojak today. We were at New World Park and tried the curry mee at New World Park at lunch-time, and the curry mee was fabulous! Loads of pig's blood cubes that were absolutely addictive. Peeled shrimps were extremely fresh & bouncy, cuttlefish strips & tentacles were crunchy. Beansprouts provided a nice contrast to the mix of Hokkien yellow noodles and white rice bee hoon noodles. Curried soup was piquant & tasty.

          Also tried the fried oyster omelette (oh-chian), with generous amounts of large oysters. Nice chilli dip.

          Steamed yam cake was another great lunch option - the texture & consistency of junket. Topped with crisp-fried shallots & dried shrimps, and slathered generously with sweet chilli sauce and hoi-sin sauce.

          For a sweet ending, we tried the banana pancake/"ban chang kueh" (crisp flour shells, filled with custardy sweet bananas & crushed, powdery groundnuts) which were nice. There was also a durian version of the pancake which were a bit too powerful in smell for me, also not as sweet as I expected. I preferred the banana version much better.

          Thanks so much to Penang CH, penang_rojak, for bringing me here :-)

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          1. re: klyeoh

            Nice, pig's blood is getting rare in KL as people are more health conscious.

            penang_rojak, how does the oh chien at New World Park compare to that at Seng Thor on Carnavon Street?

            1. re: mikey8811

              Hello mikey8811

              Actually, we went to New World Park because it's a one stop lunch place where one can try all types of Penang hawker food, and also easy to park car. But the oh chien at New World Park happens to be quite good, as are the curry mee, sar hor fun, char koay teow, otak-otak, or koay, and ice kacang. P.S. Don't go to Sri Batik Nyonya restaurant there - the cook, Ah Leng, has left and the food now don't taste authentic, more like Chinese economy rice standard.

              To answer your question, Seng Thor oh chien is more famous but it is oilier than New World Park's one. Are you from Penang also? If so, you will know that Seng Thor kopi tiam is more well known for its lor mee, lor bak and koay teow tng. Their wantan mee is the worse among all the stalls there, whilst the oh chien is quite popular also. When I was young, back in 1960-something, the current owner Lim Teong Liang's father was the one cooking it, and it was on another location in Carnarvon St. Lim Teong Lian's son will take over as 3rd generation soon. It will interest you to learn that Teong Lian switch to using vegetable oil instead of pork lard about 20 years ago - he likes to let everyone know that. Personally, I think it robs the oh chien of its rich taste. But I also felt their oh chien is too oily for my taste. Some people like Seng Thor's version because Teong Lian uses chye poh (pickled radish) and fish sauce for flavouring. His son, Lim Nan Sheng, is also as good at frying when Teong Lian retires in maybe 5 years' time.

              My 2 favourite oh chien places in Penang are :-

              1) LAM AH COFFEESHOP, corner of Beach St and Chulia St, (opposite the Old Fire Station) where the #1 beef noodles stall in Penang (in my opinion, of course) also operates. The neat, middle-aged cook, Mr Gan, fries his oyster omelette like he's doing some delicate surgical operation. Go and see it if you don't believe me, heh heh. He fries the starch/egg mixture until it is ultra crispy and fills it with a chili and garlic centre. Then, he carefully fries a generous cluster of small oysters in fish sauce, soya sauce, ground chili, garlic and other flavouring and dish this mixture out on top of the crispy egg crepe. Very unique and very shiok!

              2) SUPER TANKER FOOD CENTER in Lip Sin Gardens (Bayan Lepas). The oh chien here is very good! You can see so much oysters, you can't even see the eggs underneath, heh heh. The owner also prepares a prawn omelette, but I think it's not as shiok as the oh chien.

              1. re: penang_rojak

                Thanks for the Oh Chien recommendations. I am not from Penang. I used to go quite a lot but haven't been for some time now. I'll be there for a few days in early May. Hopefully I'll have time for the Oh Chien, Loh Bak & Kuay Teow Tng at Seng Thor and try out Lam Ah coffeeshop too. If i recall correctly the Oh Chien seller only comes out in the afternoon (3 - 6 pm) - is this still the case?

                Also hope to be able to fit in Ang Huay Lor, Keck Seng coffeeshop and Lorong Selamat Char Kuay Teow (still good?).

                1. re: mikey8811

                  The oh chien stall opens in time for lunch, about 1 pm onwards, but be careful, the stall can be closed on any day unannounced. Much depends on Mr Lim's mood!

                  Ang Huay Lor is now located at the Penang State Chinese (Peranakan) Association, No. 13 Perak Road. It is not airconditioned and is a very hot and uncomfortable place to lunch, especially with the heat wave in Penang at the moment.

                  Kek Seng is always a landmark to visit. The koay teow tng, loh bak, popiah, kueh pie tee and Mee Jawa are always good. The ice kacang not so good, that's because the owners now are different from the original family who owned the place since 1890s.

                  Lorong Selamat char koay teow, must go to the woman in red hat and goggles, forget about her rival, the guy in black goggles, a few steps away. I once did a taste test by eating at both places one after the other, and the woman still wins hands-down, absolutely! She is still the best in town.

                  Only Ah Leng char koay teow can match her. Note that Ah Leng operates at 2 places : in the morning, he fries at Khoon Heong Coffeeshop in Dato Kramat Road (opposite Federal Theatre) until 2.30pm. Then, he moves to No. 30W, Jalan Chor Sin Kheng in Ayer Itam and cook from 5pm till late at night. Call his mobile 012-498 3962 if you want to make sure he's open. Ah Leng rests on Thursdays.

                  1. re: penang_rojak

                    How long has Ang Huay Lor been at this location? I kind of remember going before and it also didn't have air conditioning - wonder if it's the same spot.

                    Was there also a Kek Seng branch called Poly near the Pulau Tikus market? Kind of remember that too.

                    I'll give Ah Leng Char Kuay Teow a shot too.

                    1. re: mikey8811

                      Ang Hoay Loh has probably been here about 2-plus years already. Maybe you've been there? This site's got some photos :


                      I don't know if Poly Cafe on Burmah Road is related to Kek Seng, but when I go down to Pulau Tikus, I usually go to Bee Hooi Coffeshop which is nearby Poly, or sometimes to the other side near the market in Moulmein Close for the famous Police Station Hokkien mee - best in Penang.

                      1. re: penang_rojak

                        No, I have not been to this one. The last one I went to was still in a shop lot.

                        What is good at Bee Hooi?

                        1. re: mikey8811

                          You probably went to Ang Hoay Loh when it was in Brick Kiln Rpad, or theold Gurdwara Road premises.

                          Bee Hooi has all kinds of Penang hawker food you'd want. Their char koay teow is good. Their popiah and lor mee are also very good. My wife's favourite is their assam laksa. I go for their ark tui mee suah (duck drumstick soup with vermicelli).

                          Leave room for their banana pancake which looks messy but is very tasty. It is very popular so you may have to wait for a long time.

                          One thing about Bee Hooi though, it can suddenly be closed during the weekends unannounced. In which case, you can always go back to Poly, or else the coffeeshop across the road near Leandro's Lane which has a good Eurasian stall, and a nice koay teow t'ng stall, where the orders are cooked one individual pot at a time.

                          1. re: penang_rojak

                            Does Bee Hooi open during the day? There are blogs that list it as being open only from 6 pm.

                            When are the best stalls out?

                            1. re: mikey8811

                              Bee Hooi opens throughout the day, but some stalls only open for breakfast, whilst others for dinner/supper, so you may need to Google & find out the specific dishes;/stalls you're after as some of them only operate during certain times of the day. Good luck! When are you coming to Penang?

                              1. re: penang_rojak


                                Just an update. I was in Penang for a wedding over the recent weekend. It was quite busy plus the weather was very hot so I did not make it to too many places. I did have the Lorong Selamat woman Char Kway Teow and that was pretty good as usual. I called up Ah Leng but it seems he does not do the frying himself anymore at the place in town - it's done by his son. He apparently still operates at Ayer Itam in the evenings but I could not make it. I did the Kway Teow Tng, Loh Bak and Oh Chien at Seng Thor - all were pretty good but the Kway Teow Tng was the pork type and not the duck meat sort. I also had the Beef Noodle (so so compared to KL standards) and Oh Chien at Lam Ah. The Oh Chien looked very good and it was tasty too - almost like a desconstructed Oh Chien with a crispy tuile like base, a fluffy layer of egg and then oysters in a sambal type paste. Ultimately it comes down to preference and I preferred the Seng Thor one which was oilier. I also had the Chendol at Komtar Walk. On our last day we went to the New World Park hawker centre because there were too many fo us to fit into a coffee shop. The food was so so only although the Char Kway Teow did have similar al dente prawns as the Lorong Selamat woman, who we revisited before leaving Penang. It's a shame I didn't make it to Keck Seng or Bee Hooi.

                                Thanks again Penang Rojak for all the recommendations.

                                1. re: mikey8811

                                  Happy to be of help. Sounded like you have some misses at New World Park. Not all of their food stalls are good so you have to be selective and know which char koay teow stall to order from and which to avoid. There are also 2 curry mee stalls, and one is much better than the other.
                                  Better luck next time.

                                  1. re: mikey8811

                                    mikey8811, if you want duck meat koay teow tng, just walk down Kimberley St, 100 metres away from Seng Thor. You'll come across this stall at the junction of Kimberley St and Ngah Aboo Lane which sells one of the most popular duck meat koay teow tng in Georgetown.