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Oct 16, 2010 05:19 PM

Steak in San Jose?

I need to find a good place for a party of five that will include some unadventurous diners.

Meeting with some colleagues in San Jose later this week, At least two are not really Chowhounds, so that a steakhouse usually works best--e.g., our last get together was at Alexander's.

My problem is that someone has made a reservation at Morton's. I've been to the Sacramento Morton's (I was someone's guest, and it still wasn't worth it), and we all know what Bauer had to say about the SF outpost, so I'm not looking forward to another visit. Can any south bay 'hounds help me out here?

I found Arcadia, Grill on the Alley, and McCormick & Schmick by searching this site and Google. However, I know nothing about them, other than they're not Morton's, and seem to have more variety on their menus.

Any thoughts you have on the three mentioned, or other recommendations, will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Here an old thread with a link to foodnut's night at LB steakhouse. Maybe you can find something newer.

    1. How about Alexander's in Cupertino?

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        "our last get together was at Alexander's."

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            ;-) Thank goodness I never make a mistake or I'm sure Windy would point it out.

      2. In downtown SJ, very close to the Tech Museum is a Brazilian steak place. I walked by a few times but didn't go in. Can't tell if it's business suitable (it looks like it) but it addressed the non-adventurous-slab-o-meat requirements and it's different.

        ETA: it's called Maceio Brazilian Steak House

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          The Grill on the Alley is a competent, business club kinda place but they can cook and you won't be disappointed spending good money for bad food. Macceio is very meat-centric and anyone looking for fish or chicken will feel left out. Mc'C' s and Schimdts is a seafood place, also competent and offers more choice. However non of these will come close to Alexanders.

        2. Consider the old-school San Jose option: Garden City on Saratoga Ave. The room is a little retro. The food was always straightforward and nice. The jazz ... well, it was jazz. They used to do a very good variety of big meat, but with many other options. Nothing arty or progressive. But well-executed.

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