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Oct 16, 2010 05:07 PM

Heirloom Seed Heaven in Old Wethersfield

Those of you who grow your food should check out Comstock Ferre. It has been acquired by Jere Gettle, he of Baker Creek Seeds. There's nifty video about Gettle in the CHOW Obsessives series that is well worth watching.

Work took me through Old Wethersfield last week, and there was a charming display of squash and pumpkins that I stopped to admire. Okay, I stopped because I was interested in a corned beef sandwich at the dairy shop down the block. But I did admire the pumpkins and the squash were spectacular. So, on a whim (as opposed to my totally premeditated food stops) I poked into the shop. The building is old and lovely.

I figure, like all small seed companies, this had been gobbled up by Monsanto. But NO! Rack after rack of wonderful heirloom seeds. And when the manager told me who the owners where, I whooped and hollered like a cowgirl at the rodeo.

She told me they are going to focus on local seeds. (I'm thinking if you have an old variety of something you've been keeping going, you might want to pop in and share.) They also give seeds free to nonprofits for hunger and educational projects. Also, they've some events coming up, like an old time seed packing day, that are worth the checking out if you're local.

I'll be looking forward to finding some of these tasty old varieties at the farmers markets in the not-too-distant future.

So yeah, YAY!

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  1. Have know about them for years. Was last there about 3 years ago.

    BUT, if you want to have "pre-started" tomato plants, I'd recomment

    River CrestFarm in Milford, CT rougly 534 Oronoque Rd, Milford, CT.

    A little difficult to find without a map or GPS.

    But, if you want Black Tula tomatoes, Green Zebras & a host of other interesting a tasty veggies & flowers, I'd go there.

    The only caveat is that after the 3rd week in May, most of the seedlings & plants are gone, or at least the selection is limited..

    Old fashioned family run farm. You can watch the asparagus grow in May too.

    Riverview Restaurant
    Nashua Rd, Billerica, MA 01821