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Oct 16, 2010 03:28 PM

New restaurant opening in RSF

Was in the area of Cielo Village and stopped in to see if anything new came into this shopping center.. There is a new restaurant called Loic that is in the place of Decanter.. There is a restaurant on one side and patisserie on the other.. Not sure whats going on with it though.. The inside seemed untouched from when it was decanter.. I'm pretty sure this is the guy that is running it Has anyone heard anything about it or know of him??

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  1. Loic sells pastries and other baked goods at several farmer's markets. I know for sure he's at Little Italy on Saturday and RSF on Sunday. His pastries - especially the croissants - are really amazing so I'm excited to see what he does with a full menu!

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      Anyone have updates on this place? I was thinking about checking it out this weekend if it's open

      1. re: karaethon

        I believe they just started doing dinner service last week. I would go for breakfast. His croissants are amazing!

        1. re: SDGourmand

          Oh this is sounding really good! Please tell me that one can pick up bread there too over the counter... Need to find a good baugette!

          1. re: SDGourmand

            Ya my plan was to go for a Sunday breakfast/brunch since I wasn't sure on dinner.

            I'll go and report back

            1. re: karaethon

              Make sure they are open on the weekends for breakfast. I know that they are usually at the RSF farmers market on Sunday mornings. If they aren't open on Sunday just head over to the market. Loic has a fresh crepe station there and is the most popular booth there.

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                Just remember, this Sunday is Easter Sunday and in 2 Sunday's it will be Mother's Day. If your plan is to try Sunday breakfast/brunch you might be better off to wait until after these 2 holiday Sundays to try it.

                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Just spoke to Loic- they are open as follows for now:

                  Tuesday thru Friday: 630a-230p
                  Saturday and Sunday: 8a-230p
                  Friday and Saturday: 5p-9p
                  Closed Mondays

                  Open for breakfast/brunch both Easter and Mother's Day, 8-230p.
                  Specials everyday.

                  1. re: jeano

                    Thanks for the info!

                    Do you think there's any need to call ahead for reservations since it's Easter?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Went for breakfast Sunday. There was a large group there prior to going to church, but otherwise quiet. Food was good, but not as good as a Cavaillon brunch. I'll have more details when I get around to doing a blog post.

            I also took a look at the dinner menu. It was mainly a small selection of classic french dishes, but it look good, so I'm looking forward to trying the dinner. I noticed that they do have a chocolate souffle on the dessert menu so it will be very interesting to check that out.

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            1. re: karaethon

              I wouldn't go in with the highest expectations for the savory food. Loics real strengths are his morning pastries and breakfast. I have had lunch there twice and was not impressed.

              1. re: SDGourmand

                Wish I'd read this earlier. We tried it for lunch the other day since we were in the area. My salad was edible, but my wife's sandwich was pretty bland. I did get a fairly tasty croissant, but the lemon bar was awful. It tasted like uncooked flour. As it is, I'm in no rush to return for lunch, at least.