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Oct 16, 2010 03:09 PM

Fado and Food in Lisbon?

Where can I go to hear wonderful fado music AND eat delicious food? I'm going to be in Lisbon for a week and want to hear fado but don't want to give up the chance to have good food too.

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  1. @ Magretdecanard

    Quite honestly the best places to hear fado here in Lisboa do not really come with stellar cuisine. While even some of the more formal places tend to have better food, you won't necessarily get very innovative cuisine.

    Probably the most chic one is Sr. Vinho in Lapa/Madragoa

    There are also more "typical" Fado Clubs/Restaurants mainly in Alfama and the Bairro Alto

    Sr. Fado - Alfama - you can make a reservation online

    Adega do Ribatejo - Bairro Alto - a bit touristy

    Clube de Fado - Alfama - Well-known and very touristy

    Tasca do Chico - Bairro Alto - an informal bar to hear fado

    Tasca do Jaime - Graça - Simple, homestyle cuisine and genuine Fado for non-tourists

    Grupo Excursionista ‘Vai Tu’ - Bica - Informal Place to hear fado as well - Not touristy and more of a club/association

    The Museu do Fado has a link with other restaurants/clubs/associations that might be helpful.

    Please let me know if I can help in any other way.


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      Thank you vinhotinto75 for your suggestions. I hope to try a few of them. I am leaving for Lisbon in just a few hours and plan to try some of your recommended restaurants too.