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Oct 16, 2010 02:35 PM

Trick or treats?

Was wondering what the chow community gives out to trick or treaters for Halloween. We traditionally give kit kats and reese's peanut butter cups...both things I know I won't touch even if we have leftovers! What are you giving out this year?

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  1. We get no trick or treaters because we live on a busy rural road, but if I had to give out something, it would be a candy I didn't want to know, like Necco wafers or Jujubes. LOL! I sure don't want leftover Reese's sitting around this house!

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    1. re: Isolda

      LOL! Necco wafers are one of my sister's favorite candies and I never quite understood the appeal. I'm pretty sure the same Jujubes go around year after year for Halloween...can anyone really eat these without pulling out a filling??

      1. re: mom22tots

        I love necco wafers too :) I was also very upset when Necco changed the recipe for valentine hearts.

    2. I buy stuff well in advance, like when I see a sale at the market, I buy it and freeze so it's not so much cash out all at once. I have tons of chocolate stuff because that's what I like and always picked at the kids stash when they'd get home, all frozen. It'll go into my hugest Wondelier Tupperware with lid container and then sit by the front door surrounded by lots of smallish pumpkins and a bale of hay with corn stalks on it too, all sitting on the tarp of course or it'll junk up my poor foyer.
      Reeses kisses, all flavors, Peanut butter cups, kitkats, twix, tootsie pops and rolls, hersheys candy bars, mars bars and snickers.

      1. A couple years ago the little old ladies on the other block gave my kids homemade cupcakes. Mom told me to throw them away. They were delicious.

        1. Lollipops.................
          My wife and kids love chocolate, so we don't bring in quantities for Halloween. None of us cares about lollipops, so it's a good choice to have in the house. Also, the leftovers don't get stale or tempt us.

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          1. re: bagelman01

            Us too -- giant bag of Dum Dums. Or gummi Lifesavers. I'm amused to find that so many people use the same strategy we do of buying candy they won't be tempted to eat themselves. (Kit Kats and Reese's PB cups? They might not even make it until Halloween.)

            1. re: Pia

              I used to do the opposite. There aren't very many kids around here in recent years, and I didn't want leftovers that I couldn't use. So I bought snack-pack sized Oreos, or assorted snack-packs of chips, popcorn, etc. Before I retired, I brown-bagged lunch and these were things I could use up that way. As of a few years ago, there are no more trick-or-treaters so I don't stock up.

              Way back when, when there were a lot of them and I had overbought apples, I made candied apples. I put each one in a plastic sandwich bag, including a post-it with my phone number and one of the many free address stickers that charities send out. I figured that parents would be comfortable letting their kids eat them since the person handing them out had voluntarily identified herself. I also told the kids not to eat them until their parents had approved. I'd like to think my efforts did not get trashed.

              1. re: Pia

                I'm sure they did not get trashed! Love that idea...

            2. talk about tempting.
              years ago someone posted a question [I think it was on the now defunct eGG website] about halloween and what to do with the candy you have left over.
              I had just such a problem and was 6 months pregnant. not wanting to gain weight as I was up and over that already, I decided to make cookies for our Bradley childbirth class and get all the other new mommies to be plumped up too.
              I cut up all the little snickers bars, made a basic no recipe cookie dough, added them to it and baked away.
              Gad they were good and soon the plate was clean at the childbirth class.