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Oct 16, 2010 01:24 PM

My 1st attemp at Beef Brisket - Flat Cut

I scored a beautiful 4# brisket at Costco today. I'm making the dry rub and BBQ sauce so now I would appreciate your expertise :) EVOO or mustard before rub, should the rub be applied just prior to cooking or be allowed to "cure" for a few hours? Tips?

FYI.....recently I gave my rusted out, holey, cruddy Weber kettle the heave ho so now I'm left with my propane Weber or my infra-red Wolfe broiler (I can hear your groans). Sooooo...It is what it is so foil method or not, grill, broil, or ?, can I cook this bad boy with good if not excellent results? Humbly TIA.

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  1. mix the oil and dry mustard and apply, then rub it, then turn on 1/2 the burners at low and put it on the upper rack as far away
    as you can get from the heat, fat side up. 1 hour a pound at 200-225 +another 1/2 to 1 hour for good measure. Foil the last hour.
    My opinion. :)