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Oct 16, 2010 11:15 AM

Suggestions For First Trip to City Market in Luling?

I have eaten at the other Central Texas barbecue shrines and am finally getting the opportunity next Friday to make my first trip to City Market in Luling. Do you old hands have any suggestions to make our visit there as good as possible? Thanks in advance.

City Market
633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

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  1. Nothing is fancy here. You get your BBQ on butcher paper. The potato salad is very good. Get ribs, pulled or chopped pork and sausage. It's outstanding.

    1. Go early, say 11 am ish. My favorites are ribs, brisket, and sausage. I know nothing of the sides, for me, it's all about meat.

      1. Yep, ribs, brisket and sausage. I like the fatty brisket and the dry sausage. And, the pickles! Yum!

        1. I want to reiterate what JC said. Be sure to get there early.

          You walk in through the front door and keep going. At the back of that main dining room, on the right-hand side, you'll see another door. It's small and unassuming, even dingy, and you'll undoubtedly be unsure that it's the correct one. It is. You go back there to place your meat order, taking careful note of the sign on the door that admonishes you to keep the door closed. If there's a line, as there often is, and you stand there holding the door open, you'll out yourself as a newbie and someone will tell you to close it, and point to the sign, making you feel foolish. You tell the pit men in the stained white aprons what you want, in so far as the meat goes. They'll put it on butcher paper, weigh it, and you pay for your meat back there. Then you take your meat back into the dining room, select a table and seats, and put down your tray of meats which, if you have any sense at all, is now pretty heavy. Then you go to that other counter in the middle of the dining room to get your drinks and sides.

          We always get some fatty brisket, a little lean, several hot links and some ribs. In addition to what we eat there, we always get a dozen or so hot links 'to go' to take back to our freezers at home.

          Someone else mentioned pulled pork. Atlhough I think they have mutton, I didn't even know they had pulled pork. When we're in east Texas heading over toward Arkansas and Louisiana way, we'll get pulled pork, but in Central Texas, never, so can't speak to whether or not it's any good. I'm frankly surprised to hear somebody mention it.

          I also have no idea as to sides. We never get any.

          Unless you count sliced raw onions and white bread as sides.

          In which case, at Luling City Market, they're just fine.

          City Market
          633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648

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          1. re: Jaymes

            I've never seen pulled pork on the menu, then again I was never looking for it. Maybe there is some confusion as most of Littleman's posts are from SE USA. City Market has no website that I can find, and most of the usual suspects like City Search and Yelp show no mention of pulled pork.


            1. re: James Cristinian

              I'm pretty sure there was only brisket/ribs/sausage when we were there last. Here's a link to the Stern's page on it, with photos. Apparently, they also ate mutton there. I know there was no mutton when I was there or I would've grabbed some! Also, the pickles on the Stern's site look nothing like what we had. The ones we had were more like homemade half-sours.

          2. Thanks for all your information. That should really help -- I hate to waste eating time on trying to figure out the protocol. As far as pulled pork is concerned, I'll look for it. You say the mutton is good, huh? I'll try it if they have it.

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            1. re: ddavis

              I've never had mutton there. Didn't know they ever had it until I saw it on the Stern's site. But, I love all things sheep. So, I would grab it, given the option! I've only been there a couple of times.

              1. re: onrushpam

                After a little googling, I see that Zagat says they also have chicken and turkey. I don't know. I'm basically there for the brisket, ribs and sausage, and don't pay much attention otherwise.

                Guess I should.

                1. re: Jaymes

                  Be Careful. There is a place called "Luling City Market" that opened up in Houston. The original place in Luling is just called "City Market" . Some people do web searches and get the wrong info.

                  I have never ever ever ever seen pulled pork or Mutton or anything else other than Ribs/Sausage/Briskett at City Market.

                  Some more inside info - BRING CASH. No credit Cards taken. I do think they have an ATM inside or really close though.

                  Also - they serve Big Red in glass bottles which is always nice. Beer is really cheap. Their tea has lemon and nutrisweet already added for some unknown reason. Keep this in mind. I usually avoid it and order a shiner bock.

                  I would certainly try a little bit of everything while you are there. The ribs are the best in the state in my opinion. The sausage does have a lot of grease to it, which some people love/some people hate. I love it wrapped around a piece of white bread.


                  City Market
                  633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648