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Oct 16, 2010 11:06 AM

O Valerio, Mangualde, PT

I have been to this restaurant on business trips 2x in the past 6 months. It is sublime and I must recommend it to anybody who is near Mangualde. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that it is primarily a lunch space. Do not be deceived by the entrance, a small room with a lunch counter, there is a proper restaurant space inside.

The food is unpretentious and delicious. In spring, I had a wild boar stew and last week had veal with baker's style potatoes and cabbage. Very simple but magical. For dessert I've had a creme caramel type custard (served from a giant bowl) and pumpkin jam with fresh cheese. I want to move to this part of the world and eat here weekly if not daily.

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  1. I need to agree. Last year, while visiting some Dao wine producers I stopped for lunch at O Valerio and it was one of the better meals I had in Portugal. Not fancy, but excellent traditional food, with some good local wines. If I recall correctly, I had borrego as my main course, with some excellent enchidos for starters. And I think I had the same dessert that you mention above. When I mentioned to the owner how delicious the morcella (blood sausage) and dessert were, he took me into the kitchen, and told me to give my complements to his wife, who had made them both!

    1. I had another spectacular lunch at O Valerio yesterday. It started with some fried until crisp sardines and delicious morcella and other pork nibbles. And then they brought out a wheel of runny young sheeps milk house made cheese that was buttery in consistency. Sublime. For lunch I had the roast pork with chestnuts, potatoes, rice and greens. And more pumpkin jam with cheese and creme caramel. As magical as always. On the way out, I bought a wheel of sheeps milk cheese. It got through airport security, too, but got a bit dented and oozing by the traveling.