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Oct 16, 2010 10:54 AM

Price of meat at Abu Elias

I've been going to Abu Elias for their sandwiches for years and have always been more than satisfied. But everytime, I lurk at the butcher counter while waiting and cannot understand how they can sell meat so cheap. Even the filet mignon is around 22$/k!

Does anyone know the provenance of the meat? Is there anyone here using Abu Elias as a regular butcher shop and if so, how is the quality of the meat?

I always bought my meat at Le MaƮtre Boucher before but since I am moving to St-Laurent, I am looking for a new buthcer shop.

Thank you for any hint you might have!

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  1. I've had their sandwiches on occasion but I've never bought meat there. You could always ask them the next time you buy a sandwich and perhaps pick up a couple of pieces to check for yourself.

    Abu Elias sells halal which narrows down the provenance a bit since not all abbatoirs can handle this requirement but chances are good that it's generic halal cow which was finished in a North American feedlot.

    1. I went in today to get a whole BBQ chicken and they were not ready. I opted for the 1/2 kg mixed grill for 16$ including tax. I know why they sell their raw meat so cheaply...they gauge you on the grilled meats! The mixed grill include 2 shish taouk brochettes (3 pieces of chicken/brochette), 2 kefta and 1 filet mignon (another 21/2 measly pieces)...what a ripoff. All of the meat barely made up 1/4 kg ( I weighed it at home)! I will never get this from them again.
      On a side note, I noticed on their menu, that they also offer the raw sandwiches mentioned on another thread; they had kafta, liver and table(??).

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      1. re: hungryann

        How much weight does meat lose when grilled?

        1. re: hala

          I don't know for sure but doubt it shrinks to half.

        2. re: hungryann

          Did that come with any sides?
          If these where all sandwiches how much would have been the total?

          1. re: maj54us

            It comes with skewers of grilled veggies (tomato, onions and peppers) as well as hummus, garlic sauce, pickled onions and spicy pita.

            1. re: westaust

              yes, one small tomato, 2 small onion bulbs, 1 regular pita and 1 spicy, slices of pickles, and small cups of hummus and garlic mayo. It's more condiments than sides in my book.

        3. I forgot what it's called but the place next to abu Elias in between the falafel place apparently supply's their meat to alot of places and may even be cheaper than abu Elias.

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          1. re: jay_81k

            Boucherie Abu Elias Phone: (514) 747-7754
            733 Blvd Cote Vertu, Montreal, QC

            Went there for lunch today with a colleague. We took 2 chicken sandwiches 2 beef sandwiches, one bowl of hummus 2 drinks and the total was 23$ with taxe. The 16$ platter would have been a better deal.

            1. re: maj54us

              Not if you saw the quantity of the meat; it would not be enough for 2 people. You were better off with the sandwiches.

              1. re: hungryann

                So you're saying that the skewer of meat they use for a sandwich is not the same they use for a platter? I noticed they sell platters of cooked meat by the kilo.
                I will pay more attention next time I stop there.

                1. re: maj54us

                  I had once gotten the full kg and that was a good amount; on the 1/2 kg, I got stiffed. I don't know if by some weird fluke the 4 out of 6 skewers were smaller than usual or what. The 2 skewers of kafta were decent but the cubes of shish taouk and filet mignon were ridiculously small.