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Oct 16, 2010 10:28 AM

Lord Stow’s at EXpresso 咖啡吧 – Delicious Portuguese Style Dan Tat (Chinese Egg Custard Tarts)

see full post with pics:

Lord Stow’s is a bakery in Macau that is famous for their dan tat (egg custard tarts). At the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, the coffee shop called EXpresso has Lord Stow dan tat. A friend of mine showed me this place last time I was in Hong Kong. The store itself is just a small upscale coffee shop with typical coffee shop fare, the real appeal is the Lord Stow dan tat. They are the Portguese version meaning that the tops are somewhat burnt and so they have a sort of carmelization on top. Egg custard tarts are probably one of the more famous and popular Chinese pastries. They have a buttery flaky crust and a very egg-y yellow custard that is sweet. The Lord Stow version is very good especially when they are hot. The crust is delicious and flaky and the custard is not too sweet and has a great flavor

I definitely recommend trying these out if you are in Hong Kong.

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  1. Second that. I stumbled upon the original shop in Taipa (or is it Coloane somewhere?) many a moon ago and became a fan. Last weekend went to Tonkichi with friends and they mentioned that Lord Stow's had that store inside the Excelsior Hotel, which is conveniently next door. Good call.

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      Lord Stow has outlets regionally as well now - I bought some last Christmas from their outlet in Glorietta Mall, Makati, the Philippines!

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        they really need to open one in the US, u cant get a decent version of the portuguese style ones here...they are always a treat when i go to hk

    2. Lord Stow's Portugese egg tarts are sold as Andrew's Eggtarts in Japan. In Japan, they used to have about 10 stores (including Tokyo) but I guess now they've had to shrink the operation to just the Kansai area, with tiny shops in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. Although sometimes you can still get them at department stores in Tokyo as part of their seasonal promotional events.

      Yeah Lord Stow's is the best. I've had similar tarts in Portugal, but they didn't compare to Lord Stow's. I did not know that you could get them at the Excelsior Hotel. Actually, KFC sells pretty good Portuguese egg tarts... next best thing to Lord Stow's in fact.

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        haha KFC really sells them? thats kind of awesome, KFC in the US definitely does not sell them haha

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          Sorry, I meant KFC's in HKG. And not all of them have it. Maybe others may disagree, but I really like them. They're a little oily, but always warm and perfect texture. Not quite as perfect as Lord Stow's though.

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            Anyone remotely interested in egg tarts, particularly the Lord Stow version, should take five minutes to watch this.