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Oct 16, 2010 09:58 AM

Hard boiled Eggs in Gravy

I like hard boiled eggs in dishes from sauces to curries. Something is just yummy about this, and it crops up in many cuisines. In this thread I read about an interesting idea of putting hard-boiled eggs in gravy, such as for a Thanksgiving turkey meal. I am wondering which US regions these types of gravies belong to (the posters mention Northern Florida, Georgia, and this more broadly Southern as well???) And also what does such a gravy look like, what else goes in it? A good recipe would be nice.

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  1. Years ago, I lived in New Mexico; my friend who was from Texas put eggs in her gravy, which I found odd. The gravy was light brown like a turkey gravy but it had chopped hard cooked egg in it. Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to eat any because back then, I wasn't open to eating strange looking things but those that were from the area found it to be normal & they loved it. I can tell you that I never have seen it in the southeast states (I live in NC)

    1. It sounds like it would be very good with the sausage gravy usually poured on biscuits.

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        the idea sounded frankly awful until I read this muchogordo.
        your idea really does sound good.

      2. Somebody once made me a meatloaf stuffed with whole hard boiled eggs in the middle. Topped with a thick rich gravy, it was wonderful.

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          I'll second late mom always had hard boiled eggs embedded in the meatloaf she made, and it was delicious with the gravy .

          She also put sliced hard boiled eggs in her lasagna al forno, as per a traditional recipe given to her by an Italian friend. I'm not sure which region of Italy that particular embellishment is common to, but it was sure good in combination with the tomato sauce in the baked lasagna. On those rare occasions when I put a lasagna together, I still include the hard boiled eggs...just wouldn't be 'right' without it!

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            I used to be served that often at "red gravy" restaurants in Rhode Island. My guess would be the cooks were Italian-Americans who came over from the southern part of Italy where the poor folks lived. (Have to say I didn't like it, but then I don't like HB eggs.)

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              My Sicilian born Grandmother would also add hard cooked egg sliced to the Lasagna al Forno as well as to some of the red sauces then left whole.To my recollection we only had it for Easter. . On other times at school recess lunch ,on a Monday she would poach eggs in the sauce leftover from Sunday and serve it with Italian bread also left over .The Italian kids returned to school with sauce stains on their shirts and around their mouths well at least the boys did.

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              I used to do that and made the meatloaf w/ Jimmy Dean sausage mixed w/ the ground beef and a heavy gravy. It was like breakfast for dinner. Now that I think of it, it's like a deconstructed/reconstructed sausage gravy and eggs.

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                I read a recipe for this once and decided it sounded good enough to try.
                made it for dinner, husband loves meatloaf so I thought no worry here.
                he piled into it, looked at me and said, "please don't do this again."
                I said, "agree".

              2. Gravy with hardboiled eggs is very common in southern GA. I was born and raised there and was an adult before I realized that some people DON'T do this. It is basically a regular turkey stock gravy, with chopped or sliced hardboiled eggs in it.

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                  I'm from Texas and it's pretty common in home cooking here, although I've never seen it in any resturants. It's especially big with giblet gravy. Also, my roommate is on the Candida Diet right now, so I've been immersion blending chopped HB eggs, roast onions/garlic, and gelatin with drippings/stock to make gravy instead of startches when he's in a smothered sort of mood. We like it a lot and I can't help but feel it's a bit healthier, so we might never go back to roux/corn starch thickening once he's off this weird diet.

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                    I grew up in Georgia, and that was the way my mother and grandmother made turkey gravy. They raised chickens during WWII and also added chopped hardboiled eggs to chicken pot pie fillings. It was a way of stretching the protein. I still have my mother's ration coupon booklet.

                  2. This rings a faint bell. Seems like I've eaten giblet gravy with a hard boiled egg in it. I have no idea where or when. This had to have been when I was a child. If the old memory is correct, it had to have been at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner where we ate roast turkey.