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Oct 16, 2010 09:02 AM

Sweetbreads in Vancouver?

I just returned from France and had for the first time sweetbreads at a restaurant in Paris and loved them. So now we want to try and cook them here at home but am trying to figure out where in Vancouver we could buy them.

Any ideas - specialty butchers? We live in the Tri Cities area if there is anything around here.


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  1. Most serious butcher shops will either carry or be able to order in sweetbreads for you. They often keep them frozen as they aren't a big seller in these parts. I love them. I know where to find them in Vancouver but not the Tri's.

    By the way I'm just heading off to Paris and Normandy next week (if the country doesn't grind to a halt!).

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    1. re: eatrustic

      Thanks eatrustic,
      I think I may have found a place in Burnaby - Cioffi's Meat and Deli - so will have to give them a ring.
      Where in Vancouver do you get them? We are willing to travel to purchase them.

      We were in Normandy for 6 days and then Paris for 4 days - it was wonderful. If you need any recs for dining the France CHOW board is great or I can give you a few that we dined at.

      Hopefully the strikes aren't an issue for you!

      1. re: parisdreamer

        Cioffi's should have them. Also try Columbus Meats (Renfrew/1st Ave), Windsor Packing (Main/25th). As eatrustic posted above - you might have to order it in advance.

    2. Windsor can get them, just call the day or 2 before. Strangely enough I asked them this exact question only 2 days ago.

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      1. re: jcolvin

        Thanks all - having never bought them - espensive? cheap?
        Any tips on preparing them ?

        1. re: parisdreamer

          Middling expensive...last time i bought some they were around $15 for 1 lb or so? A bit fiddly to prepare but well worth it. Consult the google for methods...usually involves soaking in water for at least a few hours, followed by de-membraning and pressing. Key is to poach them slow or if frying them, not to overcook them. Go very well with a cream sauce.

          1. re: jcolvin

            Thanks - looking forward to giving it a try. I had them fried in Paris so will try that method.

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              Chowhound automatically links 'relevant' videos (based on key words from this thread) from on the right side of this webpage. You should see a 'how to' video on sweetbreads up there.