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Bisous Ciao – Amazing macarons in the LES

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  • Lau Oct 16, 2010 08:12 AM
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see full review with pics: www.lauhound.com

Bisous Ciao is a new macaron store in the Lower Eastside. It’s a small store with a sleek minimalist black and white interior that only sells macarons. I noticed it one day walking home from work and I was somewhat surprised to see it in the Lower Eastside as it seemed a bit out of place although the neighborhood food scene keeps getting better, so I’m happy to have them here.

I love macarons so I decided to pick up a box. The guy told me that the glass case they keep it in is chilled, so I should keep them in the refrigerator until I want to eat them and then let them sit out for 10-15 minutes to let them get to room temperature.

I got the raspberry, pistachio, lemon, rose and black sesame.

Wow, they were amazing. My gf and I couldn’t believe how high quality they were. They were so fresh with a perfect cookie / pastry exterior that has slight crisp to it. The fillings were amazing; the flavors tasted exactly like whatever flavor they were supposed to be. Raspberry was my favorite, but they were all really good.

They are a bit on the expensive side at about $2 / piece, but I was so happy with the quality that I was happy to pay the price. I’m surprised they don’t sell anything else and I certainly hope they can make a business out of this because the quality they are turning out is light years better than anything else I’ve had in New York. They should probably serve coffee. Highly recommend.

Bisous Ciao
101 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. LOVE Bisous Ciao's macarons!!! The salted caramel one was heavenly, as was the chocolate. They are pricey, but they're pretty much the same price as all the other macaron places. SO good!!

    Bisous Ciao
    101 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002

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    1. re: Jess321

      i just had the salted caramel as well the other day....i think that is my second favorite one after the raspberry...its really good

    2. thanks Lau, i love your new site. how do these match up compared to Bouchon?

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      1. re: daffyduck

        thanks glad u enjoy it!

        i've never eaten them at bouchon bakery, so i can't compare, but i highly suggest trying them, they are really high quality

      2. I adore the Bisous Ciao macarons! I stumbled upon the shop when I was exploring the LES looking for Doughnut Plan during the Labor Day weekend (they were closed), stopped at Il Laboratorio del Gelato (extremely overrated), and Essex Street Market was also closed. Really disappointed that the afternoon seemed like a waste until I stumbled upon Bisous Ciao; I bought a dozen macarons. My favorites were the salted caramel, vanilla and lemon. They were incredibly fresh (the shop had just opened that week). These are my favorite macarons outside of Laduree in Paris. Definitely worth the trip downtown.

        Bisous Ciao
        101 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002

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        1. re: ellenost

          they're always really fresh, ive probably been there 5 times or so and they're always the same quality

        2. This place is pretty much right across the street from my hair stylist's salon, and of course I recognized the name and couldn't resist going in! Got salted caramel (natch) raspberry, rose, pistachio, espresso, and blood orange. Thought all were excellent, especially salted caramel, raspberry, rose, and blood orange. I was surprised to have liked rose flavor as much as I did - I usually don't like perfume-y flavors, but this was very well-done. Espresso may have been the least favorite - I thought it could be a lot more intense. Husband tried all six with me, and after trying salted caramel, he put it down and declared "Game over, this is the best." I do believe these may be some of best macarons in NYC and pledge to be a frequent customer.

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          1. re: uwsister

            glad you enjoyed, my favorite are the salted caramel and the raspberry, the salted caramel is so good!

            1. re: Lau

              Thanks for posting on this, Lau, as it kicked my ass into trying it. I work next door at Arlene's Grocery, and had been boycotting the place solely based on its looks (stupid! yes! I know!). Finally went with the GF yesterday, and was very delighted by the deliciousness! Raspberry was excellent, as was the lemon verbena. The salted caramel was as you described: heavenly!

              1. re: howdini

                haha yah it does sort of look out of place in the neighborhood, it looks like it'd be in the w village or soho, but its very good and alex one of the guys who's a co-owner and works there is a really nice guy as well

          2. The BEST macarons in New York. I was in the area for a LES food crawl and stopped by the store. The flavor and texture are spot on. I've tried almost all the places in NY (my old favorite was La Maison du Macaron) and Bisous is by far the best. I got lemon, sour cherry, salted caramel, pistachio, green tea jasmine, blood orange, and rose. Lemon was a letdown, pistachio, sour cherry and blood orange were good; salted caramel, tea, and rose were outstanding. Can't wait to return.

            Bisous Ciao
            101 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002

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            1. re: wadawada

              glad you enjoy, i really like this place still and i go fairly often. the owner, alex, is also a really nice guy

              1. re: Lau

                Bouley's bakery that looks open again, has great macarons. For dessert on lower east side try ChickaLicious. The owner Chiki is Japanese, the place was recommended to me by a well known sushi chef. I tried it and love it

                203 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  never tried them at bouley, will def try

                  i like chicklicious, but i havent been there in a very long time....thanks for reminding, ill go try it again and report back

                  1. re: Lau

                    I've tried the macarons at ChikaLicious: wanted to love them, but they were "okay". Do love their red velvet and caramel cupcakes though!