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Oct 16, 2010 07:22 AM

Junction Eatery

Great brunch menu. Poached eggs on jalapeno cornbread with a smoked bacon vinaigrette, Conrflake crusted French bread. Southern breakfast,I have been there fot the past 3 weekends,and have taken son food to go for work lunch. Great food done up by a caring Chef/Owner. My new spot in North High park / Junction East. On Dundas East of Keele right by Indian Grove. This guy deserves a try!


Junction Eatery
2790 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

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  1. Have been hoping someone would review this place. The menu looks great, I look forward to trying it. I like anything that has cornbread ;)

    1. Are they open for dinner? Everything I walk by around dinner time, it seems to be closed. My neighbour really likes the fried chicken.

      1. Finally tried this place as the weather was nice enough for a walk. We had the Junction Burger and the Fried Chicken. The Fried Chicken was very moist with a light, crunchy batter. The burger was slightly pink in the middle and definitely homemade, nicely spiced. The owner was super nice. He talked about expanding the menu to do takeout dinner combos in the spring time.

        Will definitely go back again.