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Oct 16, 2010 07:16 AM


We'll be spending two nights (Thursday/Friday) in Strasbourg at the beginning of December, and I'm looking for dinner and lunch recommendations, primarily regional food since we live in Paris, around 20-30e/person (before wine) unless there's something truly exceptional, for which we could spend up to 50e/person. Also any restaurants with lunch deals (under 20e)?
Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Try the search function on this board using "Strasbourg" and you'll find eight fairly recent and relevant discussions. Many of us think that there are several great places outside of Strasbourg and not much inside. However, someone recently took offense to that sentiment and listsed off some suggestions. Reading this threads should help you out. Good luck and have fun!

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      I already read Strasbourg-labeled threads before posting, but none of them spoke to the price ranges I am looking for. Does anyone have any advice considering the price ranges I've listed? Also, can anyone point me to regional specialties (i.e., tarte flambee)?

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        From what I can tell, if you've read those threads, you know what the chowhound gang knows on the subject. Hopefully kicking this back to the top will generate some new thoughts.

    2. If the SNCF gives their blessing, I will be spending three days there next week and will post my impressions.

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        thanks laidback-- and good luck with that!

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          Forgive my impatience and demanding nature, but can you tell me what your impressions were of eating in Strasbourg? I'm most interested in the restaurants that are in the city since I will not have a car while I'm there.

          Many thanks...

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            The nicest restaurant we visited in Strasbourg proper was the small "Restaurant Gavroche" which because of its limited seating and local renown requires reservations at least a few days ahead. Among the myriad winstubs serving Alsatian specialties, our local friend took us to "La Tire Bouchon" close to the cathedral for baeckheoffe, liver dumplings, apple strudel...go with an appetite.

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              We had a great meal at Chez Yvonne, but our dinner at Au Crocodile was really exceptional. They offer a "Formule Jeune" if you're under 35 -- 5+ courses with wine pairings for only 84 euros, the best deal I found in a year of eating in France. Every aspect of every course was delicious, the wine was fantastic, the service excellent but not stuffy. It was truly a fantastic experience.
              On a totally different note, we had some great beer at a tavern in front of the Cathedral (can't remember the name now but it's fairly well-known); they were serving a dozen Christmas beers on tap at the time.

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                The bar you're talking about is the Douze ApĂ´tres. An all time favourite.