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Oct 16, 2010 06:11 AM

Dinner Downtown Detroit - Sat night

Going downtown with my in-laws to see Evil Dead the Musical. There is a chance of getting splattered with fake blood so we will not be dressed up. I am having hard time thinking of a place to eat while dressed casually. Up for any anything except for the deep fried typical bar food. Has anyone eaten at the any of the breweries down there, is the food any good? I have had beer from them but never any food. Thanks.

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  1. Traffic Jam is always good, plus caters to theatre goers -- on Canfield near Wayne State Campus.
    Union Street on Woodward, not far fro WSU is also good, great crabcakes!

    Union Street Restaurant
    4145 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

    1. While the breweries are not offensive...they are nothing to write home about. The first place I thought of was also near Wayne State. I am not limited to that I?

      1. Shangri-La -

      2. Mudgie's Deli -


      4. El Barzon -

      1. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for you dewardav. I'm just gobsmacked at the concept of "Evil Dead The Musical". Please tell me Bruce Campbell is in it.

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          No Bruce Campbell in this one. Put on by a local group but the script is endorsed by Rami and Campbell. They did a good job and it was funny. Worth seeing if you are a fan. For dinner we ended up doing Altas Bistro. Their web site said it catered to everyone from Symphony goers to fans wearing jerseys. Mostly symphony goers last saturday. So we were a bit under dressed but the food was good. I had to Korobuta Shank which was delicious.

          15280 Lincoln St, Oak Park, MI 48237

        2. I'd suggest Angelina. If you get either blood or pasta sauce on your clothes, at least they're the same color. Decent innovative Italian, good unusual pizzas, large bar. Detroit Beer Co. is not adventurous but not bad with OK appetizers if you have light eaters in your group.

          Detroit Beer Co
          1529 Broadway St Ste 100, Detroit, MI 48226