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Oct 16, 2010 06:05 AM

edison: shanghai noodle house (a.k.a. shanghai bun)

the grand opening of shanghai noodle house in edison at pep boys plaza (route 1 & old post road near the shell/711 - note: old post road crosses route 1 twice) has commenced.

this is really shanghai bun north. it is good to make a new name because the reason to go to the original shanghai bun in matawan is the homemade noodles, not the namesake soup dumplings (buns) which became a food fad ~15 years ago and is still a money-maker for restaurants that commerce them.

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  1. Man there are so many good places to eat in Edison...I really wish I still lived there some times.

    1. On the map I count five different chinese / malaysian / korean restaurants at that intersection. I'll have to check it out next time I drive through there.

      1. What a coincidence. We just made a run up to Edison for Korean food at Keum Ho Jung, also in that strip of Old Post Rd. As we walked past the Shanghai Noodle House on our way to the market there, I grabbed a menu. On the ride home, I looked it over and told Mr. Bean that it looks like the Matawan Shanghai Bun menu. Then I saw the website name and before I even tried it I checked here.

        I doubt we will ever make the trip to Edison to go to the noodle house as we are closer to Matawan. I guess it is wishful thinking that they would ever open a location further south.

        By the way, dinner at Keum Ho Jung was delicious as always. Every time we go there we think about trying one of other places in the area but always end up back at Keum Ho Jung.


        Noodle House
        2313 US Highway 1 Ste 4, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

        Shanghai Bun Restaurant
        952 State Route 34 Ste 6, Matawan, NJ 07747

        Keum Ho Jung Restaurant
        518 Old Post Rd Ste 12, Edison, NJ 08817

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        1. re: missybean

          What can you recommend from Keum Ho Jung? I don't do Korean much.

          Shanghai noodle lunch was pretty great.

          Keum Ho Jung Restaurant
          518 Old Post Rd Ste 12, Edison, NJ 08817

          1. re: chuck98

            BBQ! You can never go wrong with galbi. Some of my other favorites are: Chap chae (glass noodles with veggies and beef), mandu (dumplings), jeyuk/nakji bokkum (spicy pork/octopus skillet), and yukhe (raw beef).

            Their "set course meal" stuff is pretty good too.

            1. re: joonjoon

              Was at the original SB last night....better than ever!!!

              1. re: joonjoon

                What does the set course meal consist of?

                1. re: wench31

                  It's some combination of dumplings, pancake, chap chae, soup, galbi, noodles and so on. Good for 2 people when you want variety...

                  Edit: Found their menu online: it's called "Korean Full Course."


                  Korean Full Course
                  Keum Ho Jung Sik
                  Koream style lable dhote, sushi, bul go gi, sam sack jun, denjang or soon tofu jugale, man doo soup, jab che, oi so bae gi, seng sun gui, gal bi jim, kim gui, jut gal
                  Bulgoki Jung Sik
                  Korean style table dhote
                  Kalbi Jung Sik
                  Korean style table dhote

              2. re: chuck98

                Chuck98 -

                I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

                On our last visit Mr. Bean had spicy octopus with rice, I had tripe and beef intestine stew with vegetables and the Sprout had bibimbap in the stone pot (and then we fight over the crusty rice).

                We always enjoy their banchan, or small appetizers, especially the fish cakes, squid in hot sauce and whole grilled fish.

                On previous occasions we've had oxtail soup; mixed seafood pancake; assorted seafood, vegetables, jellyfish and noodles in mustard sauce; and spicy lamb stew and vegetable casserole.

                Needless to say, we are fairly adventurous eaters and not queasy. Sprout is fearless and will try anything once (tho she wasn't a fan of the intestine she was OK with the tripe).

                We often end up at the Korean grocery store two doors down to bring home extra goodies.

                I have no idea how authentic Keum Ho Jung is but if clientele is any indicator, Keum Ho Jung must be good, Every time we go it is crowded and we are the only non-Asians in the place.

                I hope you enjoy your foray into Korean food.


                1. re: missybean

                  Wow, you guys are really adventurous with your menu choices! If you haven't tried the yook-whe there you should give it a's a raw beef dish that's delish!

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    joonjoon -

                    Thanks for the suggestion. The yook-whe sounds good to me. When I mentioned your suggestion to Mr. Bean he made a face. Said he was not to keen on raw stuff. So the Sprout piped up that he eats sushi/sashimi all the time so why is beef any different. She is psyched to try it the next time we are in the area.

                    We try to coordinate our trips with our need to visit the various Asian markets in the area. Last time we hit the big three - the Korean one in the strip with Keum Ho Jung, the large one around the corner on Rt. 1 and the one on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick. We were on a mission to find the rice cakes/noodles that Shanghai Bun uses in a couple of their dishes.

                    Thanks again.


                    1. re: missybean

                      Thanks very much for the suggestions, I'll try them out.