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Oct 15, 2010 11:27 PM

Rosemary's, I hate to say it but.....

I hope my recent experience was an anomaly and preface with the following: I love(d) Rosemary’s. Wendy and Michael were/are always gracious, wonderful hosts and chefs. Years ago, it was one of my favorite restaurants and the entire staff was great, especially the somm. Obviously, with the addition of quality places to dine, I have eaten here less and less.

Recently, we went for a small celebratory dinner and I left unimpressed. The food was not as great as I remember (it’s been close to a year since I’d dined there). Overall, I thought the quality, preparation, and presentation were lacking. We ordered some usuals- bbq shrimp, spinach salad, scallops, steak, etc. Each app/entrée was sauced in such a manner that it overpowered the main ingredient. Couple that with only decent ingredient quality and I was disappointed. I know Rosemary’s is a beloved spot on CH, so I hope we just caught them on an off night. As a note, the service, as always, was outstanding.

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  1. Wow. I hope it was just an anomaly. I've enjoyed Rosemary's countless times and everything has always kicked by butt except the Shrimp Remoulade. And that wasn't bad, just not anywhere close to my favorite renditions of that dish.

    It's been awhile since I have been, and it will be awhile longer until I am in Vegas. If all goes well, our show will be there for an extended run. I'm hoping that Rosemary's will remain worthy of repeat visits if and when that happens.

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      Palmdoc1 - I hate to say it, but your experience was very similar to ours. Our experience was described in the attached link. We haven't been back since - there are simply too many other great options in Las Vegas.

    2. You are not alone. We, too, used to love Rosemary's and looked forward to our visits each time we were in Las Vegas. But after the past three dinners, we left commenting on how both the quality of the food, the balance of the dishes and, yes, the service had steeply declined. We have another trip coming up at the end of October, and for the first time in years, Rosemary's won't be on the itinerary.
      Todd's Unique has replaced Rosemary's as our go-to dining spot -- and it has never let us down.
      You're right: There are too many excellent options in Vegas now to keep returning to a place that has become consistently disappointing.

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        i agree. Todd's is what Rosemary's used to be. A local chef cooking dishes that are unique, and well done. Combine that with great service, which Rosemary's does NOT have any more, and it's the reason we will drive from the west side of town to Todd's.