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Oct 15, 2010 09:29 PM

6 reasons why Kensington Wine Bar is my favourite place right now - YYC

1. Five glasses of wine and seven dishes of food was 125 before tip

2. Marlin wrapped in prosciutto, Cornbeef “popper”, Soy Honey glazed pork belly*
*one night, three of seven (or more) features

3. On one side of the drink menu, chenin blanc/ russian valley pinot, on the other, big happy import bottles of beer

4. Chocolate truffle ice cream.

5. Satisfy your ravioli craving (of seasonal denomination) without blowing your entree wad.

6. I haven’t touched on the cheese, charcuterie, atmosphere, table time or any of the stupendous regular menu items (the lardons in the mussels are the size of croutons).

Winebar Kensington
1131 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N, CA

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  1. You forgot - sitting at the counter in front of the open kitchen chatting with the chefs, and the consistently great wine recommendations from friendly staff.

    1. I miss Wine Bar so much... it was my last meal out in Calgary before I had to leave for my new job in Asia. The buffalo carpaccio, fresh oysters and pork belly sandwich were favourites and things I cannot get in my current home. If I get a chance to come back to Calgary before the end of my assignment it's the first place I'll go, ok Mom's first but Wine Bar 2nd.

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      1. re: vanderb

        Despite my deep love of River Cafe and Divino - what is working so well for me at Winebar is alleviating the pressure of "the right entree" choice and enjoying so much variety for a price point that is close to 40% less.

        As new parents the atmosphere is nicely adult and the pace of dinner quicker - sitting at the kitchen bar - I feel less dependent on waitrons for the quality of my meal - another huge plus (and I'm not someone who has difficulty with waitrons) - It just lessens their participation in the success of the meal - they are appropriately wine focussed.

        Finally - the small size limits the kitchen staff, which in turn benefits the food's consistency.

        I can't wait till the brassierie upstairs opens - the Chef/Owner Cam said it would be half roasted chickens and such with big bottles of belgian beer. I'm going to need a bib. Plus proper weekend brunch, which, hopefully we can bring the bambino for.

        1. re: Gobstopper

          Oh I hope the brasserie allows kids! That would be great. Thanks for the news Gobstopper.