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Oct 15, 2010 09:01 PM

Circle Pizza ?

I got into a long discussion with an old timer tonight about pizza. Specificly Boston Pizza legends.He insisted that "back in the day" a place called Circle Pizza was the best in Boston. He claimed that, due to its notoriety, lots of places used or adopted this pizzerias dough recipe as time went on. The places he named included some legendary spots. I searched this forum but didn't come up with anything on Circle Pizza. A quick google search returns 361 Hanover St. but not much else. Closed maybe? Myth? Perhaps BS?

Any info / insight / history appreciated.

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  1. It was on the corner of Hanover and Prince St. diagonally opposite the church. Yes I remember it being mentioned once or twice as the best but I never went, choosing Regina's instead.

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    1. re: chuck s

      Great little pizza place, with pitchers of beer.

      Nice memories. ;)

    2. Closed for years. Had a very loyal following and was on a par with the Regina,
      I believe it was owned by North Ender, Billy DeMarco.

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      1. re: janzy

        Flash from the past! Circle Pizza was fresh, cheesy, and wonderful! Thanks for prompting this trip down memory lane :)

        1. re: mollyditty

          It was the favorite of friends of mine and they took me there years ago. It was really good.
          The same person just recommended Stella's on Mount Auburn Street in Watertown. I have not been. Have any of you?

        2. What I wouldn't give to have another pizza from CP. AWESOME pies. CO-workers would order from everyplace around (I worked in a record store in Saugus across the street from CP) but I would ONLY order from CP. I mis that place big time! AND the calamari salad was great too! If you're reading this Dan...miss ya man! Get in touch!