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Oct 15, 2010 08:48 PM

Gummy Potatoes

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but here goes...I love gummy potatoes. Those wonderful gummy potatoes that come from the overzealous mashing of an Irish descendant trying to feed a family of 10 (as my grammy did) or an overzealous Chicago resident with a new KitchenAid mixer. When I eat potatoes with that distinctive gumminess of either one who knows my heritage or one who knows my inexperience with my KitchenAid (I say inexperience because I want to excuse my overprocessing of my wonderful potatoes...blush) and wishes to make me feel all warm inside, I am willing to abdicate any property I may have and permanently move in with the "offending" party.

I know there are french style potatoes that rely on gumminess for their wonderful unctuousness (see America's Test Kitchen--my heart would never recover from that! I need no cheese with my gummy potatoes) but it is amazing how I will dismiss and disdain all other food products for that which my heart has always belonged...the sticky and gummy mashed potato.

I apologize if this has been posted before, but everyone alway tries to get their potatoes fluffy and all I want...well, all I want is a potato that reminds me of the Elmer's glue I loved back in kindergarten.

Am I alone in this? Should I be ashamed? Hell no! My grammy made fab gummy Irish potatoes!

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  1. To each its own.

    As long as YOU like it, then it's all good. Gummy all the way!

    For example, I like my bananas really ripe. Don't like them green, or even just regular ripe. Has to be almost brown all the way around. I know most people will consider that the fruit equivalent of "baby food" but you know what? It suits me just fine.

    Cheers and enjoy your gummy potatoes in peace.

    1. Hey, whatever rings your chimes! But only invite me to dinner on nights when you're serving rice, okay? '-)

      1. Hey, at least your potato memories were of real ones. For years my mom tried to foist off that ersatz crap in box, as real potatoes. In a way I could see her point. It was easier to lug a large one pound box 6 blocks from the grocery store, that it was to schlep a 10 pound sack of potatoes. Still, It was a sinful thing for an Irish family. I let her know just that one night. I looked up from my plate with a mouthful of her sinful mash, looked her straight in the eye and said, “You need to go to Confession.” And so endeth the lesson…. And the ersatz potatoes.

        Laus Deo

        1. IrishPotato, didn't you mean you prefer your MASHED spuds to be the consistency of Elmer's PASTE rather than glue? Elmers glue is more like what the KitchenAid's produce [whipped, fluffy potatoes] opposed to dense, heavy, float your nob of butter in, substantial, I've had potatoes, MASHED potatoes which a good old fashioned hand held potato masher produces. As you can see, by my biased description, I am in total agreement with the latter, like you! Potatoes are either whipped or's that simple. Add a few lumps, and I'm in heaven!
          Now pardon me, but if you are "IrishPotato", then my husband would be "MasterO'Spud"........since his parents had 16 wee ones. He tells me his mother used a ricer until she had enough years of that and switched to a Sunbeam! So there's another wrench in the mix! My Mom [former farm girl] interchanged her tools for the type of potato she wanted to achieve: mixer for fluffy, company's coming potatoes, or hand masher for family meals [which I prefer]. I think, like my Mom, that there is indeed room for both. To me it's just a matter of your preference and what they're being served with.

          1. The original comment has been removed