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Oct 15, 2010 05:50 PM

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake - need ideas

My daughter is turning 3 soon, and she is soooooooo into Cookie Monster. So of course that's what we are doing for her birthday, but I don't want to do a blue cookie monster "head" cake. I want to make a round cake that looks like a chocolate chip cookie, and then put a little cookie monster on top of it.

I want the cake to taste like a chocolate chip cookie. What are your thoughts on how to do that? I did a google search and didn't really find anything, but I'm sure I can do this. I'll probably start with box cake mix, so no scratch recipes please. And of course, it will have chocolate chips. But to get the cake to taste like cookie, would I put vanilla extract and brown sugar into a white cake mix? Has anyone ever done this?

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  1. Why not just make a big chocolate chip cookie?

    Instead of the usual flat and dense chocolate chip cookie, alter your flour ratio so that your big chocolate chip cookie turns our thick and puffy.

    The flour to butter ratio determines, generally speaking, whether your cookies will be on the flat side or on the puffier side.

    To make puffier cookies, simply decrease the amount of flour and keep the same amount of butter. Voila! A puffy cookie.

    Now, make an XL version of this puffy cookie using a springform cake pan as a mold, and you're good to go.

    You're on your own with the "little cookie monster" decoration, however.

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      That's a neat idea! And if you bake it in a large cookie sheet, you can probably cut it out in some sort of shape of the Cookie Monster, then add frosting eyes for him. He's kind of blobby, how hard can it be to freehand his body? :) Maybe outline him in blue frosting? Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

    2. This may not appeal to you, but when I was a kid my favorite thing to get at the cookie store at the mall was a chocolate chip cookie sandwich-type thing - it was two cookies sandwiched together like a clamshell, and in the opening there was a Cookie Monster head made of blue frosting (with googly eyes of course!). You could do that on a larger scale if you want to serve lots of people, or make individual ones.

      Alternately, if you really want to make a cake, I would suggest googling for "cakey chocolate chip cookie" recipes or something like that. Baking cookie dough in a cake pan generally gives a cakier result anyway, so a recipe that is especially cakey would probably be close to what you're looking for.

      1. I would play with the recipe for making chocolate chip cookies from a cake mix, like this:

        Combine it w/ the regular mix recipe by adding liquid, like milk or water, and then add molasses, instead of brown sugar since the mix already has more than enough sugar. I'd consider melting the butter and browning it to give it more caramel taste.

        1. I agree with making a big cookie; I did the same thing last weekend with an oatmeal cookie for a church dinner. I used a oatmeal cookie recipe & added peanut butter...cooked it in a springform pan. Once it was cooled, I removed it from the pan and split it lengthwise & filled it with a mixture of marshmallow creme & peanut butter. I cut it into wedges & dusted the top with powdered sugar. It tasted like a Lil Debbie oatmeal cream pie with peanut butter. Very good!

          I believe Allrecipes has a recipe for a soft chocolate chip cookie, which would be good to use for this project. I would stay away from a recipe for crisp cookies.