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Oct 15, 2010 04:38 PM

Ay Kitchen Turkish - a brief report

Just a head's up to those looking for a new, very good Turkish spot in NYC. A few nights ago a few of us went to AY KITCHEN, on Lexington and 27th, and had an excellent meal.

AY is located across the street from Curry in a Hurry, in a spot where a few restaurants have come and gone over the past couple of years. It is comfortable, informal, but well done.

The owner and staff couldn't be nicer. We were approached a number of times and asked if we needed anything, how was our meal, etc. Although the spot was recently mentioned in the NY Times, and business is up, I believe, it still doesn't get packed and its a place that should survive.

Our apps all were very good, fresh, light. Not heavy handed with garlic, salt, etc. Both the few lamb dishes we ordered (outstanding iskendar kebab and a ground lamb kebab) and the grilled fish were great. If I had any complaint its that the spic factor could be brought up a notch. When asked they brought over two different hot sauces. Small wine list. Good desserts.

In any event, for those looking for someplace new to try, its a great option. Stuck in the middle of Curry Hill its a bit incongruous but, the food and service are great. Cheers.

Curry in a Hurry
119 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

Ay Kitchen
115 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been wondering about this place.

    1. Is this the same place as Turkish Kitchen? Similar name, and appears to be in about the same location and have similar food. I always have liked Turkish K. though admit, haven't recently gone.

      Turkish Kitchen
      386 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016

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      1. re: yebo

        Different place. TK is on 3rd. I go regularly and it's pretty good, especially if you order right. Here's a hint - LAMB TANDIR.

        It's good to hear about this new place. I look forward to trying it out although getting that close to Dhaba and not going in will be hard.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          It is funny that the restaurant is smack in the middle of Curry Hill. As one of the waiters said to us, Turkish food is not as full of spices as is Indian, and they are not accustomed to the curry smells of the area. Thus, on warm days if they had the front door open they would sometime have to close it because the whiff of tikka masal was too strong.

          On the upside for diners at AY, you can have Turkish for dinner and Indian for dessert. There is a tiny dessert only place that just opened, a few weeks ago, on the same street, about 30 feet further south on Lexington. Run by a nice woman. Desserts were very good, of course very sweet. The other night I saw she also had nice looking very plump samosas too.