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Oct 15, 2010 02:29 PM

Macellato - The Sandwich

Guy at work tipped me off to a new sandwich place in the old Caffe Macaroni space. Said there was one sandwich a day, just the one, and that was it.

Went today, and they actually had two sandwiches: The Gallina - a Fulton Farms fried chicken breast with cole slaw, and The Italiano, a mixed salumi (Fra' Mani salami, capocolla, mortadella), and provolone sandwich with the same cole slaw. I ordered the chicken. I hadn't read the above article until I came back. My office is maybe 2 minutes from the place, but that was enough time to steam the skin onto the bun and lose most of its crispness. The bun could have been warmed up a tad. A tasty sandwich, tho I had them add a ton of hot sauce before they handed it to me (which obviously didn't help in the staying-crisp department.) The breast itself was juicy and moist. The coating needed a little more flavoring, like salt, but the cole slaw was good and tangy.

I would put this maybe on par with Bakesale Betty's, since I'm not the biggest fan, but not as good as the now defunct Mission Burger's chickwich, which may not be comparable anyway because they used chicken thighs as opposed to breast meat.

CASH ONLY. The son's owner was taking cash and putting the sandwiches together, while his dad fried. They were a little coy about where they'd cooked before ("Oh dad still has a lot of places.") - and again, this was before I read the article.

I'd go back and next time wolf it down right there for full effect.

Here's another article:

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. I tried both sandwiches. The fried chicken stayed crisp outside and moist inside, nice balance between the meat and the slaw. I, too, brought it back to my office, and it held up very well many minutes later. I preferred the chicken sandwich to the salumi because the cole slaw, so well suited to the fried chicken, made no sense with the meat and cheese. The slaw was too citrusy to be paired with cheese. I would have preferred meat, cheese, and a much simpler vegetable garnish -- like tomato slices or roasted peppers. For that, I'd trek up to Molinari's. But that fried chicken sandwich was awfully good.

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    1. re: david kaplan

      I just finished up the first half of my chicken sandwich, which I also brought to the office a few blocks away. Chicken stayed crisp and tasty, but the vinegar based slaw tended to seep through the bottom bun, making it soggy. In all, though, I like the balance of spices in the slaw and chicken -- maybe they just need to toast that bottom bun.

      1. re: Zach Georgopoulos

        i think my having them douse the chicken in hot sauce was the culprit in soggy chicken skin. i'll have to try it again.

        1. re: mariacarmen

          As an aside, I had no urge to add hot sauce to the sandwich, and I usually want chili oil on everything. The acidity of the slaw was stimulus enough, and I didn't want to lose the chicken flavor under any extra condiments. Maybe it works better all around without hot sauce. Or maybe some sliced fresh chiles would be a better addition than liquid hot sauce -- perhaps they have some on hand?