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Oct 15, 2010 01:09 PM

Black Forest Bacon Recipe

I've search all over the freaking internet and I can't find a recipe for curing my own black forest bacon. I buy this stuff at Whole Foods all the time, but I'd rather make it myself. The ingredients listed on the WF version is as follows:

Pork, seal salt, raw sugar and "spices"

So, what makes it black forest bacon? Is it a similar recipe to black forest ham? This stuff is not as pink as regular cured bacon. It's browner and sweeter.

Anyone got a tip or recipe?

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  1. Is that salt FOR a seal, or FROM a seal?


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I too would love this recipe. If anyone has worked at one of the processing plants that makes this bacon please tell us the secrets!

        I was told by the butcher at my local whole foods that its made with malted barley and that it isn't smoked. Also, the OP said its made with "seal salt" but I'm guessing they meant sea salt. Its usually better to us curing salt when curing meats as it does a better job of wicking away the moisture.

        Its made by Wellshire Farms (as I understand it they contract it out to different producers) and they are currently out of stock at whole foods everywhere. They are even out of stock on their own website:

        Here are the ingredients according to their website: PORK, RAW SUGAR, MALTED BARLEY, SEA SALT, YEAST EXTRACT, SPICES.

        1. Black Forest Spice Mixture:

          125gm White pepper
          25gm Ground nutmeg
          25gm Ground mace
          15gm Ground cardamom
          200gm White sugar

          Mix thoroughly, then store in an opaque jar out in a cool, dry place