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Oct 15, 2010 12:53 PM

Historic Foods - 1935???

I am the student assistant to the History Department at a university that was founded in 1935. To celebrate the school's 75th anniversary, we're holding a fair with booths to provide school information and sell little treats.

The History Department wants to come up with a dessert or treat that was popular in 1935. The other considerations are that a single portion would be best (like a cookie, but even something in bar/brownie form would be ok to portion out into baggies). And not too expensive ingredients. We're talking public Liberal Arts university!

Any suggestions at all would be appreciated! I know this is really specific so thanks in advance!

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  1. has tons of information on what Americans ate, decade by decade. This link will take you directly to the 1930s (your very own culinary time machine!):

    One thing that strikes me is that an awful lot of still-popular candies and especially candy bars were introduced back then, like Three Musketeers and Heath bars (1932), Kit Kat (1935), Chunky, Mars, and Fifth Avenue (1936), Rolo and Smarties (1937). Must have been a fortuitous confluence of evolving industrial food technology and emerging marketing know-how.

    1. This is your lucky day! I have a copy of the "White County Cookbook" published by the Good Fellowship Club (Presbyterian Church) in 1935. The cookie section contains numerous recipes for date bars and icebox cookies, which seem to be the most popular kind, followed by something called drop cookies and brownies. If you need a recipe, I can post it, but be warned that none of the recipes in this book have oven temps. They all say something like "bake in a moderate oven until crisp and brown" so if you're cool with that, I can help. I'm guessing you will find it easier just to google "date bars" to get a more user-friendly recipe, though.

      1. oh man, thanks so much you guys! college kids love candy. and i think icebox cookies and date bars are totally doable. martha stewart has an icebox cookie recipe that seems pretty classic. i really appreciate it.