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Oct 15, 2010 12:48 PM

Neehee's run tonight in Canton, MI!

Hey all you Detroit area Chowhounds! I know it's late notice, but Donna and I are going to be eating dinner tonight at Neehee's Indian Vegetarian Street Food around 6PM, and you're welcome to join us if you'd care to. If you haven't yet been to Neehee's, or if you're just plain skeptical of vegetarian food, *this* is the place to challenge your preconceived notions! Take it from an affirmed carnivore like myself: it's very, very worthy fare. Plus, great/charming/good-looking/overconfident company!

Feel free to'll be worth your time and money!

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  1. Jealous. Very jealous. Please eat some saffron ice cream for me.

    1. Well, we've now christened their new location, and even with 4X the number of seats (at least) that they previously had, the place was still so well-attended at 7:30 on a Friday night that we felt the need to move on and give up our table...others were waiting, and in line.

      Fear not the new place: the quality was still very high (one dish was slightly off...everything else was spot-on delicious), it's a lot nicer/newer/cleaner, there's still the same great come-as-you-are-and-get-your-own-beverages family feel to the place, and the menu's expanded a bit. Lots of employees in the kitchen, and things were moving at a pretty decent clip. Seems like they're still getting their bearings at the new place a bit...I can only believe that things will get even more efficient.

      A good time was had by Doug, Donna, and myself, and just as important: we all left happily well-fed. It was great having you there, Doug!

      1. Ate there with a friend earlier in the week and was once again impressed. It's less crowded on weekdays. I had that cauliflower 65 thing, the (veggie) burger, and sugar cane juce, all excellent.

        BTW, lovers of authentic Indian food in the west suburbs/Ann Arbor may also be interested in this new place opening in AA (not really much sign of it yet, but it's next door to the expanded Bombay Grocery, so they may have done some of the work without it being visible):

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        1. re: Jim M

          > It's less crowded on weekdays ...

          That's certainly an understatement!

          I went to NeeHee's for lunch today. At 12:20PM; only one table was occupied and
          nobody was waiting to order.

          In the time that I was there, maybe 10 customers total. I am astonished they don't
          have more lunch business.