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Salad topped with fried egg ... where?

Looking for recommendations for a salad (warm or not) that's topped with a fried egg.

Don't care if it's spinach, lentils, romaine, etc. Just want it to be good, and topped with a fried egg.



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  1. Most salads that come with an egg (for instance at Waterloo and City in Mar Vista their Caesar) do a poached egg. That said, W&C does a smoked salmon terrine with a fried egg on top so I can't imagine that would turn you down if you asked them to substitute the fried egg for the poached.

    Waterloo and City
    12517 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066

    1. A classic frisee aux lardons typically comes with a fried (or at least poached or basted) egg on top; I had a great one at Father's Office a couple years ago but not sure if it's on their menu year-round.

      1. served only at their sunday brunch,
        go to cafe del rey
        grilled asparagus salad wild mushrooms, fried egg, reggiano, black truffle vinaigrette

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          Whoa, that sounds great. Is it still offered even though we are not in asparagus season?

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            CDR is pretty good about keeping their online menu current, and it is listed on the website right now...but i'm sure WG can confirm for you since she's their official CH ambassador :)

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              No doubt.

              Not doubting w'gal, just wondering how CDR is sourcing their asparagus.

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                dunno their source, all i know is that they still offered it as of a couple of weeks ago or so.

        2. have had the frisee/poached egg on salad @ comme ca and it was fine, although not especially complicated...my wife ordered a similar salad at church & state and loved it...once in a while i've had asparagus w/fried egg (usually duck eggs) but only as a special and i would have to stretch to call it a salad...i don't know anyone who has that on their everyday menu

          1. Mike & Anne's, in South Pasadena, does a very nice version of salad Lyonnaise (frisee, endive, lardons, poached egg) for dinner.

            Mike & Anne's
            1040 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

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              Indeed it does, but I need a fried egg.

              Thanks anyhow.

            2. Suggestion....go to your favorite salad place and ask them to put a fried egg on top.

              1. I've had an excellent frisee salad at Chaya downtown, but it may be seasonal, served during the winter. I don't recall it being on the menu the other night.

                Also, when I last went to Animal, they had a fantastic asparagus dish with bacon and poached egg. It was so good that it was only dish that we asked to have a second of.

                525 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                  But ... poached egg =/= fried egg

                2. Stop the presses... we just returned from an evening at A Restaurant in Newport Beach where we had an Heirloom Spinach Salad topped with a fried egg. It was accompanied by a small tureen of bacon vinaigrette which was the best we've ever had. And to top that, the spinach leaves were dressed with a light sprinkling of truffle oil. The entire combination of fried egg, bacon vinaigrette, and truffle oil was beyond compare. Highly, highly recommended.

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                      Try Vermont Restaurant in Los Feliz....the frisee salad with the poached egg, bacon, is delicious!

                  1. How about a frisee salad on a bricoche bun with lardons and a fried egg? I've had it twice and it was delicious both times. Get it from the Lardon Truck. You can find out where they're at www.getyourlardon.com.

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                      That's a great find. Thanks very much.