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Oct 15, 2010 11:27 AM

HELP: Bouakham Nam Sausage

bought this sausage @ the local asian supermarket.
Am I supposed to cook before I eat?

photo :

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  1. My go-to expert for cuisine of that subregion has this to say about nam via Twitter:

    "Nam is made to be eaten raw. But it can be cooked w/o loss of the definitive sourness Texture changes, tho."

    About her personal preferences:

    "I like Nam in omelet and fried rice. Don't care too much for raw Nam, tho that's the state in which it's at its best."

    You can reach her to find out more through her blog

    If you are on twitter, she is @SheSimmers.

    1. I usually eat it raw with raw sliced garlic and thai bird chilis
      prefer the smaller sized sausages texturally
      never got sick off eating it raw