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Oct 6, 2005 09:50 PM

IS there any good Italian Food in the South Bay ?

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Can anyone please tell me about any really good Italian Food in Torrance ,Redondo, San Pedro ,etc.
Something sit down , not loud , reasonable prices,
with real good food . Thanks much in advance .

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    wow i'm a dog

    we just had a surprisingly good meal at il boccaccio in hermosa beach. unfortunately, it doesn't meet all of your criteria, as it was on the pricey side, but the food was certainly interesting. i'd recommend bringing your own wine if price is a factor. also, i'd suggest going early as it's right on pier where there is quite the "scene" at night, especially on weekends (geez, i'm getting old).

    il boccaccio
    39 pier avenue
    hermosa beach, ca 90254


    1. You might want to try Frascati at 1814 S PCH just east of Chez Melange and Bristol Farms in that retail area under the newish condos that were built in the last two or so yhears. Heard it is affiliated with Il Moro in WLA and Allegria in Malibu, etc.

      1. might try j. trani's in pedro on 9th. Haven't been there in quite a while but used to be good. also another trani's in long beach, brother i think, is not supposed to be too bad.

        Little place down on 3rd? and pacific in pedro was pretty good too a few years ago. Along with a fairly new place on 7th street below pacific.

        1. In downtown Manhattan Beach, Pasta Pomodoro, part of a chain that originated in the Bay Area.

          In So. Torrance, near Circuit City, Gaetano's. Been once, good pasta iirc.

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            Try Rombi's Ristorante in Huntington Beach on Warner Ave. and Gothard streets. All entrees come with soup and salad. Every week, the Chefs comes up with a different kind of soup and last time, we had the carrot soup and it was so delicious! I like the Cannelonis, the best! My husband had Chicken Marsala and it is also good. The Desserts are great, but that is if you still have room after your main course.

            1. re: Richard

              Are you just naming places? I hope you aren't reccomending Pasta Pomodoro. I've been their twice at two different locations and both were dissapointing.

              1. re: mstinawu

                It's all relative. It's a reliable chain, although I found the MB branch not as good as its Bay Area cousins. They have improved since its inception. I find that a lot of their entrees are better than the pastas. I still think they are one of the better "authentic" Italian (not Italian-American) places in the South Bay.

                chestnutnd - please keep us posted on that new place in PV.

            2. You have described Rae's Fine Food, 522 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach. It's a husband and wife operation with Robert, the pastry chef and head waiter. It was formerly called Bella Blu but changed names in 2005.