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Oct 15, 2010 10:54 AM

Best Banana Bread

Any thoughts on where the best banana bread in Seattle can be found?

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  1. honestly its so easy to make that i've never looked to buy it.

    1. I'll try to be more helpful than the previous response. There are sooooo many reasons you may not be able to make it yourself. I haven't seen it at many bakeries, but personally I think Starbucks banana bread with chocolate chips is extremely good. And it stays moister than any I can make. Unfortunately you are paying by the piece so it can get pricy.

      1. Solstice, a coffee shop on the south end of the Ave in the U-distict has fantastic banana bread. I have crossed the bridge for it several times. If you call a few days ahead you can order by the loaf. It has a terrific texture and great flavor. Like homemade...but better.

        1. always available by the (small) loaf - unless they sell out - the banana bread at cinnamon works (corner of pike place/pine) is baked onsite and quite decent if slightly sweet for my taste

          1. the best i have bought in town was at north hill bakery on 15th ave east on capitol hill. have not seen it on my last couple of visits so it might pay to call first. maybe you can special order a whole loaf.