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Oct 15, 2010 10:42 AM

Girls' Weekend - Old City Dining Recs

Hello, three girlfriends and I will be staying at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing next month and are in search of dining recommendations for dinner and brunch. Thinking it might be best to dine in/around old city due to the location of our hotel.

We are open to BYO and not limited to any particular cuisine. Nothing too expensive, please. :)

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  1. What exactly is "too expensive"?

    For dinner, I'd go to Zahav, it's right in Old City and is fantastic.

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        There are lots of choices near you but if you like Italian, Spasso is practically across the street from your hotel. Definitely in your price range.

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          OK, in that case Zahav may be slightly above that, it's small plates so you can spend a little more or less depending on how hungry/adventurous you are. I usually get the $36 prix fixe that includes everything you'd want to order, except drinks. It's the best restaurant in the city in my opinion.

          Southwark is not in Old City but it's not much further away, at 4th and Bainbridge, the prices are definitely in line with what you want, the food is excellent, they have a great bar and they do brunch on Sundays.

          If you like spicy Chinese, Han Dynasty is in Old City and is fantastic.

      2. I like Positano Coast and it is not too expensive

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          There are some great BYOBs in Old City that fit your price range: Chloe on Arch b/w 2nd and 3rd is a good comfort food/new american spot, there is also Bistro 7, and La Locanda Ghiottone is very good italian and a fun atmosphere. For brunch, I would recommend Farmicia on 3rd b/w Market and Chestnut, and Continental at 2nd and Market.

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            Han Dynasty is awesome, non-americanized chinese (i love americanized chinese also). I wouldn't worry about sticking too close to Old City, its a relatively cheap cab ride anywhere in center city. James is awesome and not too far a cab ride, dinner is out of your price range, but dinner in the lounge might work.

            Farmacia is good for brunch, though i've had trouble with service there in the past. La Locanda is good traditional Italian. There is a glut of sushi places in the neighborhood too.

        2. Bar Ferdinand. Great vibe, tapas and fun bar area. It's a short cab ride north of Old City.

          1. I think Swanky Bubbles is the perfect place to go with girlfriends. I've gone there for 2 bachelorette parties, as well as random dinner with friends and everyone always enjoys it. The menu is mostly Asian, but there's also some pasta dishes...there's definitely something for everyone. The menu is designed for sharing, which is fun and who doesn't love champagne cocktails and chocolate fondue for dessert?

            It's right on Front Street between Market and Chestnut, a less than 10 minute walk from your hotel. Definitely a fun place for a girls night out.

            For bruch, I second the Farmacia and Continental recs, but would also add National Mechanics and Race Street Cafe for totally casual options.

            Have fun!

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              I was just at the Race Street Cafe today for lunch - I was at the Philly Fire Museum which is a client of mine.

              I love the place - and the food is excellent. I had the Grilled Cheese sandwich - which is a mixture of chedder and goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon and tomato on unbelievable bread. And the fries are awesome!

            2. Thanks to all for your suggestions. We ate at Zahav and really enjoyed it. We weren't able to finish all of the food -- we got the $36 tasting menu. The quality of the food and its preparation were excellent.

              For bfast, we wound up going to Reading Terminal. Worked out great.

              We also got some bar food at Plough & the Stars -- all fried, tasted fine at the time but we all felt like hell afterwards.

              Thank you again for all of the ideas -- much appreciated.