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Oct 15, 2010 09:54 AM

Searching Soupe de Poisson around Vence/Nice/Antibes etc. (will travel)

Dear Hounders,

I am looking for the best place to have soupe de poisson somewhere around Vence. It doesnt have to be in Vence, it could be in Nice or Antibes or really anywhere within reasonable driving distance (reasonable = 30-45 min one way). Any thoughts? Price is no object, great soupe de poisson is the object.

A thousand Mercis

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  1. You should have the bouillabaisse at Tétou in Golfe Juan.

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    1. re: beaulieu

      hi, thanks, I have and the one at Bacon, but I am really looking for soupe de poisson, not the whole bouillabaisse. Any suggestions for just the soupe?

    2. maybe some chowhounders would shoot me down, but i've eaten the soupe de poisson at acchiardo in nice on several occasions. it's not a fancy restaurant and they're not open weekends, but it's one of my favourite restaurants in nice.

      the soup is a starter, i think a bowl of it plus trimmings (croutons, garlic, aioli, cheese) is around 7 or 8 euros... definitely cheaper than le bacon...

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      1. re: juliadevi

        That sounds good. Soupe de poisson is usually a small restaurant item. I know that grated cheese is frequently served with it, but I don't think it goes well at all. But do rub the garlic on your croutons.

        1. re: beaulieu

          Actually, the grated cheese is traditional, as well as a rouille (a little different from aioli) to spread on the toasts and drop in the soup. Personally I love the cheese in the soup.

          I've actually had a terrific soupe de poissons at La Pignatelle in Beaulieu, where the rest of the food is fairly average. The story of that place is the songbirds he has as pets in a large cage in the rear of the dining area...

        2. re: juliadevi

          Allow me to revive this old thread: Da Acchiardo rocks ! Food-wise, atmosphere-wise, fun-wise, it is a more enjoyable better place than the well-known Palmyre up the road.
          When I arrived, all the locals jamming the place surrounded me and wante me to try this and that, including their wines. It's that kind of place.
          Never a problem for me one way or the other, the place was frequented by locals only, well, until I showed up. -- Quite a rarity in the tourist-filled old town, et ce, during the xmas-new year period.