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Oct 15, 2010 09:36 AM

Where to find thick-cut / Texas toast bread in SFV

Been looking for a good, thick bread for making french toast, etc. and haven't been able to find any in/around the Northridge area ... any ideas?

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  1. How thick do you want your Texas Toast to be?

    I've seen 99¢ Only stores carry loaves of Texas Toast that are, I believe, something like 3/4" thick. And, of course, each loaf is 99¢ ...

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      OO!! never even thought of looking there - thanks!

    2. I bought some specifically labelled "Texas Toast" a couple of weeks ago at either Von's or Ralph's, although not in the SFV.


      1. You might want to check the Galleria Market (at Devonshire and Reseda) and see if they have shoku pan (Japanese white bread). The Galleria Market in K-town does. Shoku pan is usually available in 3/4"-thick slices.

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        1. re: Peripatetic

          Note that at the Galleria Market in K-Town there's two choices: bread from Cake House, the adjacent bakery, and bread from L L Bakery (in Torrance) called "Butter Farm" in the market itself. The bread at the adjacent bakery is fresher but usually sells out before the end of the day. The Butter Farms bread is still very good -- much better than the the large commercial bakeries.

          There's a Korean bakery next to the Galleria Market in Northridge called Tous Les Jours. You might want to try the shoku pan from Tous Les Jours (they probably have it) and the "Butter Farm" bread from Galleria and decide which you like best.

        2. 99 Ranch carries a pullman loaf that is unsliced (IIRC) so you can slice it as thick as you like.

          1. VONS. Most of the ones I have shopped in carry a thick-sliced "Texas Toast" or "California French Toast" bread.