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Oct 15, 2010 08:51 AM

Cream cheese on muffins

I'm finally gonna bake some pumpkin things today and wanted to try adding the dollop of sour cream I've seen baked onto the top of pumpkin muffins. Has anyone done this? I am wondering if I should sweeten it first (leaning towards no) and if I put it directly in the batter or after they're par-cooked?
I'm using recipes from the boards so I'll definitely report back!

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  1. Mom used to make cream cheese cupcakes with sour cream on top. I believe she did sweeten it a bit. She topped them with the sour cream and baked them off during the last minutes of baking.
    Cream cheese+ pumpkin=goodness!

    1. I used to made Chocolate chip muffins, but also like simple Muffins with crispy top great with orange butter, or cream cheese and jam.

      1. Sorry, but do you mean cream cheese (like the kind that have almost a cheesecake type center) or sour cream? The title says cream cheese, the post says sour cream.

        I've been looking for a recipe for pumpkin muffins with the cream cheese "filling" but can't imagine one with sour cream either baked in at the center (ie, not in the batter) or on top.

        If you do have links to the cream-cheese kind, can you share? And of course report your results!

        1. I've done this with chocolate muffins and it works best if you mix it with an egg and some sugar (to taste, I guess?). It becomes basically like a baked cheesecake on top of your muffin. And that last sentence just sounded SOOOOO wrong... LOL

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            Not wrong at all! I thought it was divine. I made this recipe:

            From two batches I got 12 muffins (mostly gone already) one small loaf and one gigantic loaf (sorry it's just some industrial loaf pan my mom gave me) to bring to work to share.

            It was almost TOO moist but that's because I subbed honey for a third of the sugar and there's no liquid in the recipe that I could cut back on to compensate. I also added more spices such as ginger to boost the flavor. Although they were delicious, I didn't think the pumpkin's flavor came through. I'm afraid if I cut out spices (which may be masking the pumpkin's flavor) then it will make the muffins/bread really bland! If I add more pumpkin they'll be way too liquidy! Does anyone have any advice?

            Also, I dolloped about a teaspoon of unsweetened cream cheese on top and sprinkled cinnamon-sugar (something we always have in a jar to top toast) and they browned nicely. Hot from the oven, the salty creaminess melts onto the muffin as you bite it. Cold the next morning, it's not quite as nice, so I'm gonna try adding egg as yfunk suggested. Egg white? beaten first?

            I know practically nothing about baking so anything that may seem obvious to you might be greek to me so please weigh in!

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              you can cut the spices if you like, and i'd suggest pulling the moisture out of your pumpkin, either over the stove or in the microwave.

          2. Your title speaks to "Cream Cheese" but your test speaks to "Sour Cream". There's a significant difference. I might use sour cream in the batter but, with respect to cream cheese, I'd reserve that for a filling and add a hint of sugar to the mix. Brown sugar and cinnamon whisked into the cream cheese makes a nice filling for pumpkin muffins.

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              Sorry for the confusion I meant cream cheese