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Oct 15, 2010 08:40 AM

JFK To Flushing

I have a four hour afternoon layover at JFK in a couple weeks and was thinking that gave me enough time to cab to Flushing for Chinese food, instead of Chinatown, which might be problematic due to the time window. However I'm concerned about being able to getting a cab back from Flushing to JFK. I know there's no cab stand at the Flushing Sheraton where I usually stay and don't recall seeing circulating cabs around there. Also, I was last in Flushing in January, and was wondering if there are any must try Chinese restaurants that have opened in Flushing since then. Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. I've seen cabs waiting along Roosevelt Avenue near Main St. from time to time. Am sure the concierge at the Flushing Sheraton could also assist and another option is to book a car service. What are you tired of eating on the West Coast? Two that come to mind you might not have tried here are Henan Fengwei and Gourmet Noodles and Delicacies.

    1. Thanks scoopG. The Henan place sounds especially interesting--I believe that's the post that was in the back of my mind. Sheraton will call you a limo, not a cab, so I'd like to avoid that. Actually my #1 target is the XLB place on Prince St., because reports from comparison eaters is that it's better than Din Tai Fung in the San Gabriel Valley!

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        There are almost always cabs on the intersection of Roosevelt and Main St (the corner with the newstand across from Dunkin Doughnuts). They are just not yellow cabs, you tell them a price before you head off and you can haggle. Also you can call a local cab 718-321-1400 and have them pick you up at a designated time.

        Din Tai Fung had a XLB demonstration in Flushing a while back, I feel like they are becoming too commercial.

        Nan Xiang has been having some quality control issues recently, too often I have been getting crab shells in the bao. Also, portion sizes have changed, the tzong jia bing gets smaller and smaller, greasier and parsimonious with meat. Still, it is the best xlb in NYC.

      2. Gotta be careful about what time of day you're thinking about doing this. Weekends are better for traffic, and if it's a weekday, especially from late afternoon, you will have to take into consideration that the Van Wyck can get jammed. For $5, you can get a head start and take the AirTrain to Jamaica and hop a cab from there to Flushing and vice versa. It could shave some time off your travel, especially if you consider the time it takes to get through security. A 4 hour layover is really only 2 hours if you have to take into account traffic and security. Good luck with your plan.

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          You can call Four Two's Cab company (718)746-2222 from Flushing to JFK. We use them when we go to the airport. There's also Caprice II cab company on the 37th Avenue between Roosevelt Avenue and Prince Street on your left hand side.
          XLB is great but not better then Din Tai Fung in my opinion. They don't use MSG in their noodle stock, big plus for me.

        2. Greetings from JFK airport. Thanks to all of you for your help which was reassuring and which solidified my plans for lunch in Flushing. Things went remarkably smoothly. The cab ride from JFK to Flushing was barely more than 15 minutes and I was able to stop by Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. PaMa is right--not as good as Din Tai Fung. Then headed over to the restaurant formerly known as King 5 Noodle for their fantastic egg white like pressed tofu, and finally over to Henan Feng Wei for their dumplings, a little too sour for my taste but interesting. There was a vacant cab waiting when I got to Roosevelt and Main. Round trip was less than 2 hours, so I still have 2 hours to wait for my flight.

          Next time I'll have to figure out where the Flushing to NY Chinatown bus picks up.

          Henan Feng Wei
          136-31 41st Ave, Queens, NY 11355

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            You can catch the van from Flushing to Chinatown on the block around the corner from Chiu Fong (it has a giant red soup bowl on top of the store), by the municipal parking lot (there's also a Starbuck on that block).
            Next time you're in town, try Chiu's (not Chiu Fong). They are across the street from the Bland House (the housing project). It's on the same block as the White Bear dumpling. They have the best Hong Kong style wonton noodle in New York in my opinion. They also make the best fried wonton. They don't just dump the dumpling into the hot oil. They douse it repeatedly with hot oil and the skin is the crispiest and lightest. I didn't know fried dumpling can taste like that.

            White Bear
            135-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354