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Oct 15, 2010 08:08 AM

BBQ- Blacks v Smitty's V Salt Lick

Coming to Austin and want the best Bbq. Heard great things about all three of these places. please recommend what to get at each or if one is better than the other.

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  1. Well, Smitty's and Blacks are in the same small town of Lockhart so if you visit one, you should probably visit the other along with Kreuz market.

    Salt Lick has a great atmosphere but the BBQ is perhaps not as venerable as other institutions.

    1. If you will search the board, you'll find a lot of recent data on the subject.

      1. You want pork or beef? IMO Black's easily has the best beef between those three. If you want pork, go to Smitty's.

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          I want everything, the best of the best no messing around here. Willing to travel anywhere in a 60 mile radius.

        2. At the Texas Monthly BBQ festival, I had some of Smitty's and Kreuz' beef. Salt Lick didn't make it to the festival. I had Salt Lick last week, and I'm concluding that the Salt Lick is living on its reputation, history and venue feel (which is nice I'll say). Of these, I've got to go with Smitty's.

          To be fair, at the TMBBQ Fest, all the restaurants were using mobile pits, so they were all playing 'away games', that may have affected things a bit....

          1. I'd send you to Franklins. In town and superior bbq. Just be sure to be in line before 11.

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              I'll second that; Franklin's is the finest brisket I've had in central Texas. Don't be put off by the trailer, they are serious business.

              Smitty's is all-around excellent, as is Kreuz's (right down the road in Lockhart) although it lacks the ambiance. Salt Lick is where you go to drink beer and have a good time, not eat serious 'cue. Black's brisket was bland the only time I went there.

              1. re: heyzeus212

                Third Franklin's. That's serious Texas BBQ out of a trailer. Smitty's and Kreuz has history, atmosphere, and great BBQ to go with it. The last couple of times I went to Black's, I felt that other than the decent side dishes, they've really slipped compared to the other Lockhart places. Salt Lick has decent BBQ and a good sauce, but you don't come to eat Texas BBQ for sauce. It's living off of reputation.

                Another serious contender is brisket at Snow's in Lexington. But they are only open on Saturdays (and usually run out by 11:00am, opens at 8:00) so depending on time constraints, may not be an option.

                1. re: heyzeus212

                  Aaron Franklin is a genius. The BEST brisket in existence, if a tad salty. Don't miss Franklin's!!!