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Banquet Halls for Chinese Wedding - any Updates?

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I've seen many old posts on Banquet halls for chinese weddings. Any updates on good chinese wedding banquet halls that you went to recently? Just starting to plan for a chinese wedding with approx 150-200 people.

Any reviews or comments regarding Banquet halls such as:
- Markham Event Centre
- La Rosa Grand Hall
- Shangri-la Banquet Hall
- any others?

Your reviews/comments are appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Just went to a banquet at Regal (same owner as the one in RH) at Finch/McCowan at the former Ruby's restaurant location. Food was good and it's a big restaurant (easily fit 200) and modern decor.

    1. We narrowed our choices down to Markham Event Centre now....so has anyone been to a chinese wedding there recently? Any reviews? thanks