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Oct 15, 2010 07:49 AM

Banquet Halls for Chinese Wedding - any Updates?


I've seen many old posts on Banquet halls for chinese weddings. Any updates on good chinese wedding banquet halls that you went to recently? Just starting to plan for a chinese wedding with approx 150-200 people.

Any reviews or comments regarding Banquet halls such as:
- Markham Event Centre
- La Rosa Grand Hall
- Shangri-la Banquet Hall
- any others?

Your reviews/comments are appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Just went to a banquet at Regal (same owner as the one in RH) at Finch/McCowan at the former Ruby's restaurant location. Food was good and it's a big restaurant (easily fit 200) and modern decor.

    1. We narrowed our choices down to Markham Event Centre has anyone been to a chinese wedding there recently? Any reviews? thanks