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Oct 15, 2010 05:28 AM

Vegan options in center city

I've searched the boards for good vegan dining options and I keep coming up with the same places (Horizons, Mi Lah and New Harmony). Are these the only options in center city?
Does anyone know of any restaurants (all types - low and high end) that have decent vegan options?

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  1. you can haul out to new hope to sprig& vine, which is an offspring of horizons.

    1. Good Dog always has solid vegan offerings.
      Govinda's at Broad & South is a veg and vegan fast food place.
      Tampopo (two locations) has plenty of vegan options.
      Maoz Vegetarian (two locations) for falafel.
      Mama's Vegetarian for much better falafel and similar items. The majority if not all of the menu at Maoz and Mama's is actually vegan.
      Primo's (two locations) and Sarcone's (just outside CC) have very good vegetarian hoagies; you can ask them to hold the cheese on those.
      There is a veg place in RTM -- 4 Square or something like that I think?
      There's the new Blackbird Pizza, in the old Gianna's location --
      Many of the Thai, Korean and Chinese places should all be able to accommodate your request if they speak decent English.
      Rangoon (Burmese food) in Chinatown has a very informed staff, has a large vegetable section of the menu (which is all vegan AFAIK), and will happily modify other dishes to make them vegan.
      The new Phila Chutney Company (South Indian food with some fusion items) is pretty awesome and is all vegetarian with many vegan options.
      El Fuego is vegan if you don't get meat or cheese, and it's not bad as long as you get guac.
      Essene, just outside CC, is a shitty veg grocery store but has an awesome, if pricey, all veg hot food bar in the back. Much better than the prepared food at Whole Foods.
      Royal Tavern is not far from CC and has excellent veg and vegan options.

      For nicer sit down places, it sounds like you know the veg focused ones, but many better restaurants will accommodate you; being vegan isn't all that weird in CC. You just need to ask. Maybe call ahead to make sure. Some places might not be worth going to if they don't do vegan stuff well; maybe ask on here first.

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        Did you mean Essenne when you wrote Horizons "all veg hot food bar"?

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          Yep, thanks, I edited the post.

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          great list!

          good call on govinda's - that is my fave hoagie in the city. chicken cheesesteak (mock of course), sesame roll, mozz cheese. fan-freakin-tastic. (*edit* they do have a soy cheese as well. though IMHO it sucks compared to the mozz.)

          though i'm gonna have to chime in on the veg place in RTM (is it basic 4?)... they're pretty terrible. got a mock cheesesteak - couldn't finish it. tasteless all around and not cheap.

        3. I loooove Citi Marketplace on 13th and Walnut. It's more of a deli/small grocery store for takeout, but they have amazing vegan chicken cheesesteaks, meatball subs, etc. I like them better than Govinda's.
          Su Xing house on Sansom and Singapore Vegetarian in Chinatown are my favorite veg Chinese restaurants and offer way more than typical meat substitute dishes.
          The Loving Hut on 8th and South is small but cheap and tasty :)

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            Pretty strong carnivore here but I do LOVE Su Xing ans does my die hard carnivore hubby. FABULOUS lunch specials! Hmmm - gotta get there soon for one!

          2. Sazon at 10th and Spring Garden. Sweet Freedom bakery on South. Bibou does great things for Vegans.