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Oct 15, 2010 04:51 AM

Old Cider Mill - Glastonbury

Thinking of going to the Old Cider Mill in Glastonbury this weekend - I've never been - is it worth an hour drive? Is it just cider & donuts? If I go, is there anything else in the area worth checking out (wineries, orchards, farmer's markets, etc.)? Thanks!

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  1. The Apple Harvest Festival is going on this weekend. I have never been so do not know much beyond the information below. Nearby there are quite a few farms in South Glastonbury. I have listed a few web sites below. I have done some picking at both Belltown and Rose's but have not gone to Robb's yet. I hope this helps.

    Apple Harvest Festival:

    Robb"s Farm:

    Belltown Hill Orchards:

    Rose's Berry Farm:

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        Robb's has fantastic ice cream...and Belltown is my favorite picking orchard ANYWHERE, way high up on a hill in South Glastonbury. While you're kinda in the neighborhood, you could trek over to Colchester and do a wine tasting at Priam Vineyards. You can pick up some Cato Corner cheese there, too, and maybe enjoy a glass outside if weather permits.

        I love to get lettuce and corn (and whatever else in season) at Berruti's Farm Stand, too, just down the road from the Cider Mill heading south, opposite side of the road.

        Ooh, and if you get that far down and are in a coffee mood, try SoG in the little plaza where Gardiner's Market is...EXCELLENT java. A hike in Cotton Hollow, right behind that plaza, would be really nice, too...and you could have Thai at Thai Angel, Chinese at Char Koon, or good eats at 2 Hopewell (corner of Main and Hopewell). Howzat? :) Have fun, whatever you decide.

        Priam Vineyards
        11 Shailor Hill Rd, Colchester, CT

        2 Hopewell
        2 Hopewell, Glastonbury, CT 06033

        Thai Angel Restaurant
        875 Main St, South Glastonbury, CT 06073

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          Between the Apple Harvest Festival and all your suggestions, I'm going to have an action-packed day! Thanks for all the info you guys!

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            A little further south from the cider mill along Rt 17 is Draghi's farm stand -- it's got a good selection of native vegetables and they don't yell at you if you peel back some corn husk to see the kernels.

            1. re: sbxstr

              Someone yelled at you at Berruti's? Aww, SHUCKS--pun intended--this kat does that ALL THE TIME without consequence. Maybe they just like me better (kidding) ;P Joking aside, they both carry that yummy Montauk corn--grab the biggest ears you can on these, as they will tell you, the bigga, the betta.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                After I hit the apple fest and winery, I'll go to both stands and start peeling the corn just to see what happens... i'll report back! :)

                1. re: coastalgypsy

                  Hysterical. Keep smilin'! You'll have a great day, yelling or not. ;) I love a good quest...

                  1. re: coastalgypsy

                    the old cider mill does not have much anymore . the people who used to lease the space there (and did a great job) are now at Robbs farm. Belltown is without a doubt the best in glastonbury!

                2. re: sbxstr

                  Speaking of Draghi's--don't leave without at least ONE of their apple cider donuts. The earlier you get there, the better they are!! Also, when they're making them, their cinnamon donuts are definitely on a par with Dottie's in Woodbury.