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Oct 15, 2010 02:41 AM

Alberta Arts District (and some other questions)

I'll be making my annual trip to Portland soon (sadly, a shorter trip than I would like this year) and I have lots of ideas for places to visit or revisit. However, one evening I will be going to the Alberta Rose Theatre (to see Blue Giant). I haven't previously explored that area and so was wondering if you could point me at some good places for a pre show meal. I'm happy with most types of cuisine and, as long as it represents good value, price isn't too much of a concern. If possible somewhere where reservations wouldn't be required and where service is brisk.

While I'm in Portland, I'm hoping to revisit Laurelhurst Market which I enjoyed last time, and depending on time maybe Wildwood or Paley's Place and I'd like to try Broder (Scandinavian restaurant) - would breakfast, lunch or dinner be the best choice there?

In the UK, we are pretty spoilt for choice regarding Indian restaurants although I haven't come across so many in the US. I was wondering if anyone is putting an Indian twist on Pacific North West cuisine?

Finally, since I'll be staying near NW21st - there was a restaurant about to open when I was there last year named "Toast and Pho" - did it take off? how is it?

Thanks, as usual, for any help


Laurelhurst Market
3155 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97232

Paley's Place
1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

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  1. You'll have a lot of options on Alberta! The restaurants I like near the Alberta Rose Theater on Alberta are:
    La Bonita--inexpensive Mexican with decent burritos
    Al Forno Ferruzza--very good Sicilian pizza and calzone made by hippies (possibly not the fastest service)
    Mono Malo--Spanish food cart
    Ciao Vito--decent Italian (probably the highest end of this bunch)

    If you go a few blocks north, you'll reach the restaurant hub at NE 30th and Killingsworth, where you'll find:
    Beast--fixed price multi-course dinner (probably not the best pre-show choice if you have limited time)
    Autentica--higher-end Mexican food
    DOC--higher-end Italian food

    If you're open to eating at a cart, I think that the Mono Malo cart ( would be a really interesting choice--you certainly don't need reservations--and I've really enjoyed the food I've had there.

    1. Indish is on NW 21st, but it is more British Indian. Really good though. Pacific NW Indian would be found at Vindalho.

      Agree totally about al Forno di Ferruzza, except I've never had much of a wait.

      2038 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

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        I don't think I've had a bad wait at Al Forno Ferruzza, but I've had times when they've forgotten what I ordered and had to come ask me again. They're always really nice, and the calzone is totally worth it, but if you're trying to get to a show on time it might be a little frustrating.

      2. I second the Mono Malo rec! I had a butternut squash croquette there last week that I haven't been able to stop thinking about....

        1. I got a calzone from Al Forno last night and it was really good. They had chanterelle mushrooms as a special topping and it was tasty. Chanterelles are everywhere right now.

          A block or two away from the Alberta Rose is Branch Whiskey bar which has good food and drinks.

          Yakuza is a few blocks away which is a Japanese Izakaya style restaurant with really good food.

          Concordia Ale House is a few blocks away which has really bad food but one of the best beer tap lists in town. Might be good pre or post show.

          Concordia Ale House
          3276 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211

          1. Thanks all. I'll report back afterwards. Just one question about the food cart mentioned - does it operate in the evening? - is there anywhere to shelter should it be a rainy Portland evening?
            Grateful for all your help

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            1. re: Pete S

              Yes, Mono Malo is in the Area 23 cart pod and they have covered seating. I believe they're open until 8 or 9.