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Oct 15, 2010 12:51 AM

Cinnamon Rolls

Who serves the biggest/best cinnamon rolls in Portland?

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  1. No correlation between biggest and best, unless it is a negative one (large = crappy). Since I don't care about quantity, I'd have to say Blue Gardenia on N Mississippi Ave. But they are small. Enjoy!

    1. If you are thinking Ann Sather..I have not seen any to match those, but I agree with Blue Gardenia..delicious. I also think Sweetness Bakery and Cafe off of Foster has them, and they also have wonderful baked goods

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        Ann Sather's cinnamon rolls...wow, I miss those. Lived in Chicago about 5 years, the first two walking distance from the Belmont location, the last 3 near the Hyde Park location. When I visited a year ago, I went to the new-ish one on Broadway in my old gayborhood. Those are some great cinnamon rolls...but they aren't huge. Thanks for bringing those up, cheeseisheaven!

        Largest ones I have ever seen in the area are at Camp 18 and the Otis Cafe...so the next time you drive out to the coast... ;o)

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          I have friends in Chicago who live in walking distance of Ann Sathers, it's what I think of when someone mentions cinnamon rolls!

      2. Grand Central makes a great one w/ more of a pastry dough (rather than a yeast dough). It's crisp and caramel-y.

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          I like Grand Central's.
          Sad to say, but Blue Gardenia closed up shop yesterday.

        2. IMHO, Grand Central serves the best in Portland, and certainly the best I've ever had. They totally get it right and I've never tasted anything remotely close.

          1. Well, if bigness is a goal, you could try the rolls at Fat City down in Multnomah Village. They aren't... subtle rolls, but they're large and sweet and served nice 'n warm. Which is good, because they set up like concrete when they cool to room temp. I choose to believe that makes them better in a demented way. =)

            Fat City Cafe
            7820 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219