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Oct 14, 2010 09:56 PM

Smoked Mettwurst in SE Michigan?

Looking for smoked Mettwurst in SE Michigan to use in my Linsensuppe -- prefer a location close to Ann Arbor, but I don't mind a Saturday drive. I've found it a few places online in Wisconsin, but would rather find a shop I can walk into and examine the goods first-hand. Thanks.

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  1. Best Chance would be

    You could call Metzgers to find out where they source theirs from.

    That or take a trip up to Frankenmuth to see Willi's.

    Or talk to this guy in Hell....

    I am not sure of the Status of the Eastsides German butchers anymore....I hear they have gone down hill. Schotts & Nitsches that is. I would LOVE to be called out and be wrong on this though.

    1. Byrd's in Livonia carries a fair amount of Deutsche Lebensmittel, or at least they used to; I haven't been in a while but they'd be worth a call .

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      1. re: coney with everything

        What a great discussion! I get my Mettwurst from Neshkoro (Reitzes) (Thick and smoky) in the Badger state made only on Tuesdays but have been looking for a MI source. I was unaware of Byrd's before this link. Do you think it would be valuable to list (like them or not) SE MI smokehouse/butchers/cured meats/bacon/etc. all in one go? Happy to start the discussion if you like and I am off to Byrd's on Sat morning after Eastern Market. (Before the Badger game) they play some small school in Ohio.

        1. re: goatgolfer

          I would not call Byrd's a something special butcher...I like them and love how they are step's from a huge produce store and a bread store. A good average butcher...but nothing special.
          There are many specialty connections.... Like in Hamtramck.

          1. re: JanPrimus

            Thanks y'all for these suggestions -- I will call John tomorrow over at Metzger's and see what he has to say, and call around to a few other places. I'll report back what I find out / what I find.

            1. re: proclusian

              Willi's in Frankenmuth claims more than 100 kinds of sausages, and I'd be surprised if this weren't among them. Fun place to see in any case (check out the old accordions).