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Oct 6, 2005 06:59 PM

Sushi Ko at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks

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Last night we went to Sushi Ko in Thousand Oaks for my mommy's birthday. First of all, I was surprised to see this shopping center as I don't even recall it being built, but it was a pleasant surprise. Very charming plaza.

The restaurant itself is nicely decorated and offers Sushi and Kushiyaki (skewers) along with appetizers and some entrees.

On to the food. We had 2 sashimi platters and ordered a bunch of rolls along with Kushiyaki. They gave us some skewers to sample as they are introducing this type of cuisine to the area.

The sashimi was pretty good for this area? Trying to give it the benefit of the doubt as it is new to the area. The yellowtail was supposedly good, I didn't get to try it. Pieces of salmon were pretty good, although the one I had I thought was a little chewy as well. Albacore was alright but a bit on the fishy side. Tuna was a bit chewy. The BEST item was the UNI. It was so creamy and fresh and absolutely delicious. Best thing I ate all night. I would go back just for that. A lot of places don't do uni right, and I was surprised this one did. They do make u order each piece individually, so it is pretty pricey.

The kushiyaki was a little heavy on the sauce side, and they didn't have the gizzards or hearts or any of the yummier skewers. The sea bass skewer was excellent - so buttery and fresh and just fell apart in your mouth, and the flavor was just right. The meatball had a good texture, consistency, and the filet was pretty good. The terriyaki chicken which they let us try was a little dry.

If you want to drive a bit further, on Ventura there is a place called Kushiya, which has Sushi as well as the skewers and everything we had was very good.

Overall, it was a definite treat for being in Thousand Oaks. I think the cuisine in the area is veering towards the right direction. And the location is beautiful =)

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  1. c
    Chris in Conejo

    Thanks for being the brave one and trying it out for the rest of us!

    1. I've been once. It's got a nice atmosphere but too pricey. A single piece of sushi is $3.00. If the fish or atmosphere is clearly better than the competition, ok, but it isn't. There's quite a few sushi spots in the conejo valley - probably over 15. I've been to most, and Kaminari is my favorite (in Westlake, off Agoura near p6). Hiyama (skyline near thousand oaks blvd) is gone now and has been replaced by Ori. the sushi chef at Ori is super nice and I like the atmosphere but it's also pretty pricey. anyway, just my two cents.

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        I just tried Ori and the sushi was okay, but the hot dishes were really mediocre. Terrible chcken teriyaki, really tough and fatty meat in the sukiyaki and the tempura was not good in any way.

      2. My husband and I were not fond of this place. The sushi was not as fresh as we are accustomed to. The prices were too high for its food quality level. We attributed the high prices to its location next to the civic arts center and to its fancy decor. Being new to the area, we are still in search of our favorite local sushi spot...but we already know this is not one of them.

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          If you are willing to go to Simi Valley, we tried Hai SUshi last night and loved it! In an unnoticeable corner of a dull strip mall, but once inside we were warmly welcomed and well-fed!

        2. I love Sushi Ko! We live in Westlake Village, and Sushi Ko has replaced Kaminari (mentioned above) as our favorite Japanese restaurant in the Conejo Valley. The sushi is great, but I especially love the other dishes. The calamari salad boasts the most tender calamari ever! The lobster ravioli has a yummy vinegar-y dressing. The kushiyaki are a lot of fun, with so many choices. But my favorite is the salmon teriyaki. Instead of that sticky sweet sauce most places use, theirs gets its body from ground wasabi. Served with pureed squash and grilled peppers, it's the best! My kids love the food there also, especially since they introduced the kids meals. A really good value -- main dish plus edamame plus miso plus dessert. I always know my kids will eat well there. It is so refreshing to have a family-owned quality restaurant in the middle of all the chain restaurants (PF Chang, CPK, Claimjumper...).

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