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Oct 14, 2010 08:47 PM

Chimayo Chile Powder

Is there a place in the Los Angeles area to buy Chimayo chile powder?


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  1. No, but I might have a number local NM contact for you. I'll check. I've asked the Spice Dealer in Silver Lake to carry it but they haven't.

    1. Returning from Mexico this spring I passed through Espanola. A friend had suggested a grocery
      that she thought might have Chimayo Chile I talked to the produce guy and he told me that the
      Chilli labled Chimayo in the store was fraudulently labled. He sent me to a guy who has a stand
      on the south side of the Rio Grande bridge who he said had the real thing. I bought some chile
      powder from him and have been more than happy with it. He said that he liked to mix some hatch
      hot with the Chimayo as the Chimayo was mild. I wish I had gotten some of the hot as he was
      correct. Next year I will. His name is Mr. Martinez 505 692 5754 I have not had any experience
      with him via mail order and don't know if he even does it. I hope this might be a help to you. If
      you do it please let us know how it works out.
      Good luck
      Pablito el gordito

      1. Although I have not personally done so, if I wanted to score Chimayo chile at a distance, I would order it from Leona. She is that wonderful woman who runs the small tamale stand next to the Santuario de Chimayo. Her website can be found at You'll see she sells red chili for $8 per lb. That should be a pretty reliable source.

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          Thanx so much for this connection. I would like to check out her tamales in person when we pass
          through next week
          good luck
          Pablito el gordito