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Oct 14, 2010 07:19 PM

Review: The Copper Chimney 2050 Avenue Road, Toronto, M5M 4A6 416-850-9772

We were really pleased to catch the grand opening of The Copper Chimney.
2050 Avenue Road.
ph: 647-436-2538

Service was very gracious, the ambiance was simple yet warm and the food was very good, portions larger than Amaya and way more tasty than both the other south Asian restaurants around Yonge/Ave & Lawrence (IMO).
Naan was spectacular. The management told us their tandoor chef came from Cuisine of India (where I had in the past really enjoyed the naan as well).
The asked for a lot of feedback on the dishes such as spicing and heat levels of chilies.
We ordered:
Amritsari Fish appetizer (crispy fish
)Butter chicken (they customized the spice level for my kids)
Beef Vindaloo
Daal Bukhara (black lentils simmered for 8 hours)
Plain yogurt instead of raita
Naan and Rice
The desserts were amazing, pistachio crunchy textured frozen creamy dish (Kulfi?) and Galub-Jamun.
The owner generously didn't charge for the desserts. They served our girls chocolate and vanilla ice cream free of charge as well.
My girls loved it, the restaurant owner made sure to check the butter chicken was mild enough for them and my naan critic 8 year old declared it the best naan ever (she is hard to impress given her love of naan)
I would definately encourage people to visit. The people are so very kind there.
I can't wait to try more fish and vegetarian dishes there.

Notare Bene: %20 off dine-in Tues-Thursday until Dec. 31, 2010., %10 off takeout. (I took their menu on the way out)
We ate at the Copper Chimney on Avenue Rd. on Tuesday night., and what a nice surprise I must say the %20 off was.

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  1. I think this is the first time I've seen a postal code in a review title. Kudos!

    Wil check it out when I'm in the neighbourhood.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Desserts sound xtra good - What mains would you recommend, in particular?

        1. Oops, I goofed on the URL

          I really liked the Dal Buhkara, so creamy and flavourful.
          The fish appetizer had a little chili but otherwise a very simple cubed fish, very fresh.
          I am a reluctant omnivore due to my Thalassemia, so I tasted just a bite or two of the Vindaloo beef and it was succulent and perfect spice/heat level.
          I went tonight to try our tandoor items but alas, it is closed on Mondayds (fyi).
          Yes, I posted full address to avoid confusion with another restaurant by the same name.

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          1. re: Idas

            thanks for the review. I live close by so hopefully I can check it out soon.

          2. Do they have a thali on the menu?

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            1. re: trane

              Hi trane, here's my answer exactly a year after you asked!
              I was just looking at the website and saw this:

              1. re: foodyDudey

                I. CANT. WAIT.
                thanks for sharing foodyDudey!