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Oct 14, 2010 06:36 PM

Poutine Must Try's in Ottawa Region

JP's This guy is the God of Poutine. A gruff sweetheart who has got what it takes to walk the walk of poutine. St. Alberts does special orders for them and cuts the curds extra large. The result are curds bigger than the fries. Super fresh and delightful. Chicken gravy and ultra fries. An abundance of everything good. Check JP out with his curds. What an awesome dude. True to his form. He is happy to tell you all about the product. He relies on consistancy and good quality ingredients. His french accent will win you over.

2. Restaurant Jean Burger- A house of fries is on the sign in french. A hole in the wall junk food heaven. The real deal. It is about 15 minutes driving from Le Nordik Spa so it can be an ideal day of true balance. Get healthy at the spa and then undo it at Jean Burger. You gotta retox to detox. Also, a killer poutine. Their gravy isn't salty. Just right. Lot's of curds too. They layer their curds vs. JP's which put them on top. Their hot dogs are also quite nice. Simple and grilled but nice with warm crusty fresh buns.

1. JP's Crispy Chips-
clyde and baseline location-
Right behind the Petro Canada Gas Station.
1375 Clyde Avenue, Nepean, ON K2G 3H7

2. Restaurant Jean Burger-
Street: 88 Route 105
Wakefield, qc J0X3G0-
Phone: (819) 459-2994

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  1. crispy chips is really good, but the gravy is suppperrr salty, i always end up getting the large and cant do any work after...

    1. Anything with four wheels and an engine. All of the poutine trucks in Ottawa serve up great product. I've been to about 5 of them in various parts of the city and have never been disappointed.

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      1. re: somewhere4

        That's interesting. Other than great fries the poutine in Toronto Chip trucks sucks. I'm amazed at how good JP's fries and curds are. To die for.

        1. re: food face

          Toronto trucks don't compare. Otttawa trucks are closer to Quebec, home of the real deal.

        2. re: somewhere4

          poutine trucks?

          Chip wagons, man, chip wagons. That's what they are called. Chowhound needs to read up on its Spud Sweetgrass

          1. re: William Taft

            Any Ottawa Hound is an authority as far as this Torontonian is concerned. No matter what you call them, they make great poutines! William Taft, any solid contributions from you on Ottawa Poutines? Favorites? Recs?

            1. re: William Taft

              William Taft-Totally on board with the Chip Wagons!

          2. WHY did I click this thread!

            I'm so jealous right now

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            1. re: duckdown

              Duckdown, don't be too jealous. My POUTINE TRUCK adventures have left me flabby in and around the gut and muffin top regions.

              1. re: food face

                We passed a poutinniere downtown that had a huge banner across it that said "How do you like your poutine?" but I don't know what the name was (but if you pass it you can't miss it) - sorry to be so vague.