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Oct 14, 2010 06:29 PM

Cast Iron Recipes Please?

Hey guys, I'm creating a cookbook for a friend as a side-gift to her wedding gift which will be a cast iron skillet and dutch oven (good new ones). I'm looking for great recipes for either but especially cast iron skillet recipes as I've also just gotten one myself and I want to test out the recipes I'm giving her. I'm looking for actual recipes, not just ideas of food she could make. The only foods she doesn't like are chocolate and pork (but she's not kosher or muslim, she just doesn't enjoy a dish that's largely pork. I'm pretty sure bacon underlying other foods is OK).

Thanks in advance! If I'm missing the same thread somewhere else, please link me :)


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  1. Rib Eye Steak - heat oven to 450 and stick pan in it. take steak out, rub with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper. take pan out (carefully), and put on a burner over heat. stick steak in, sear for 30 seconds, flip the steak, sear fr 30 seconds more, then put it in the oven for 2 min. flip the steak and cook for 2 min more in oven. (this is medium rare, add on another 2 min for medium). let rest for 5 minutes before slicing.

    Roast Chicken - heat oven to 425. toss celery, onion, carrots, fennel, potatoes with olive oil, S & P, and thyme. clean chicken, stuff cavity with garlic head cut in half, lemon halves, thyme, S & P; truss, brush outside skin with butter and sprinkle with S & P. make a bed of veggies in the pan; put chicken in breast side up, should stick up a few inches over pan. roast in oven for an hour or until therm reads 165 in the leg. let rest for 15 minutes before carving. use juices to make gravy by adding flour over heat. serve veggies with chicken as well.

    Roasted Artichokes - preheat oven to 400. in skillet combine parsley, olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, and water. clean and prep artichokes, slice in half or leave whole, and place in skillet. roast for 30-45 min til leaves pluck easily. serve with drawn butter.

    Dutch Baby or German Pancake -

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        Great idea for the artichokes. Thanks!

      2. I use my cast iron Dutch oven for chili. Any recipe will do...just do not add beans to the chili. I buy about 5 pounds of any beef roast and cube it before browning it in the pot.

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          Wait I'm sorry, what do you mean about the beans? Is there a reason beans shouldn't be cooked in a cast iron?

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            Don't mean to answer for him, but ChiliDude is a "no beans in chili" fanatic and is quite zealous in spreading the word.

            That said, you can certainly cook beans in cast iron, chili or no.

            For the OP-Cumin and Curry Spiced Chicken under a brick, great flavor and crispy skin. Tyler Florence has an amazing recipe over at FN. Definitely consider passing on your favorite cornbread recipe to your friend; only was to bake cornbread is in a cast iron skillet, imo.


            Here's a link to a fun blog for cooking in cast iron, with recipes:


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              Haha, ok, I appreciate the no-beans perspective, I just wasn't sure what that had to do with cast irons :) Thanks for the clarification.

              Thanks for the links -- cumin and curry sounds right up my alley!

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                Thanks for clarifying the ambiguity. No beans in chili. However, I have beans in my minestrone breakfast every, yes every, morning.

                Beans and barley plus vegetables help control my cholesterol and blood glucose. The control is connected to the action of 'resistant starches.'

                Just wanted to indicate that I'm not against the ingestion of beans, beans just do not go in chili. Yes, I'm a chilihead, chilehead and chili snob.

                HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

          2. I have made no-knead bread in my big Lodge cast iron dutch oven, with results that made me squeal with joy because my baking endeavors usually flop. This bread had a nice crisp crust and airy soft loaf inside. It tasted like the artisan breads I buy at the markets. There are many instances and slight variations to this recipe on the interwebs, and here is one I found that includes a discussion that I found informative:

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              Wow, now I feel like I should go buy myself a dutch oven and try this out! Thanks!

              1. re: Adrienne

                A HUGE +1 on the no-knead bread in the dutch oven.

                In a similar vein, I've been taught to use a preheated cast iron skillet in which to bake cornbread. Fantastic results, but you have to match the diameter of the skillet with the volume of the batch of cornbread...maybe a great reason to get different sizes of skillets in the future.

                I was fortunate enough to inherit a five-piece set of Griswolds from my embarassment of riches.

                1. re: Monch

                  And put bacon drippings in the skillet before heating. The bottom of the cornbread will be so brown and crispy. The way my mother and grandmothers always did it.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    THERE it is...After years of trying to figure out how to get RID of bacon drippings, the strained results now have a place of honor in my fridge....Older....wiser.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Search this board for pineapple upside-down cake, short ribs, bademjan, and fesenjan.

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                  Wow, now I see why I didn't find the recipes.... definitely not the keywords I was using --Thanks.